Meet the updated version of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood in our fabrics

What would have happened if Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother had been renowned karate experts? And if the ferocious wolf was an agreeable and kind vegetarian? This contemporary version of the fairy tale features an empowered Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother who send out the most inspiring messages to our girls. Create your own story.

Carrots, lots of carrots for this new vegetarian big bad wolf and our protagonists, some karate specialists. And above all, we wanted to convey the concept of friendship between all the characters in the story in the Chaperonne Rouge Coord winter sweat.

Fabrics of Little Red Riding Hood

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood

Within our particular vision of the story, we have designed two jersey fabrics, one in winter fleece and a T-shirt panel.

Little Red Riding Hood tale

One of the fabrics has carrots as the main and only element and we love it, and you?

It is the Chaperone Rouge Carrots, an original print and perfect to combine with the rest of the fabrics in the collection.

Carrots fabric

In the same jersey fabric, we present the Chaperone Rouge Main, a fabric with a cream background. Mixing the characters of the story and some natural details such as wheat, carrots, flowers

Fabrics of Little Red Riding Hood

The warmest and most pleasant winter fleece is the Chaperone Rouge Coord. Black silhouettes of little red riding hood, the grandmother, the wolf, and the hunter on a strong orange. Ideal for making sweatshirts, pants, and even a backpack for going back to school.

Sweatshirt Little Red Riding Hood
Backpack Little Red Riding Hood


Let your imagination fly and create your own story. That is why the T-shirt panel has as its main illustration with the protagonists in a group of friends and the inspiring phrase “Create your own story. The sleeves and back match the drawing of the characters on an orange background. All in jersey fabric.

T-shirt panel Little Red Riding Hood

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