Katia Designers Awards 3: Design a knit or crochet accessory for one of our magazines

Would you like to see one of your designs published in one of our Katia Woman magazines? If so, our Katia Designers Awards 3 competition is for you. Here is a new opportunity to show the world your talent using knitting needles and crochet hooks. In this third edition of the Katia Designers Awards your knit and crochet accessories are the protagonists. We present 2 categories that you can take part in: Knit Accessories and Crochet Accessories.

Of course, you can take part in one or in both categories with your best hat, scarf, cowl, glove, shawl, poncho or bag designs. On this occasion, you can present all the designs you consider appropriate, whether they are beginner or advanced level. There’s also no limit to the number of entries you can make, you can send as many accessory designs as you like.

Katia Designers Award

2 requirements

In this Katia Designers Awards 3 you only have to meet these two requirements in order to take part:

  1. Ownership. Please ensure that you only present accessory designed by yourself.
  2. Made from Katia yarns. If your design is a winner, it is important that it has been knitted or crocheted with one of the following yarns: AztecaAzteca DegradéAzteca MilrayasInca IceIngenuaLove WoolMaxi MerinoMerino AranMerino FlaméMerino ShetlandMerino TweedMerino-SedaVelour and/or Tout de Suite. Using your own choice of colours.

Katia Designers Prizes

  • If your design is a winner, we will publish it in one of our Autumn Winter 20192020 magazines. These magazines are available in 6 languages: Spanish-English, French-Dutch and German-Italian. Of course, we will include together with the design your name, creative blog or Instagram account (if you have one).
  • Also, your knit or crochet pattern will be featured on our web as a downloadable PDF format. Furthermore, we will be dedicating a post in this blog, to the winning designs, and on our FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest
  • Lastly, we will be putting together a prize giveaway package of Katia products, of your choice, (yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks and magazines) for the value of 100€.
Katia Designers Awards
The two winning designs of Katia Designers Awards 2: Ana Martin and Gretha da Jonge.

2 categories, 3 winners

No, it’s not a mistake! In this third edition, the Katia Team will chose the two winners; but there will be a third winning design. And in this case, it will be the followers on the Katia Yarns & Fabrics Facebook page that will decide which design – amongst the finalists – should be included in our magazine.

Take part!

Send us an email before the 17th of December 2018. In the Subject section indicate the category that you want to take part in: Knit Accessories or Crochet Accessories. Tell us a little about yourself. And about your design: inspiration, stitches, number of balls of yarn, colours and any other interesting details. Attach 2 or 3 photos, with the best quality possible, of your accessory entry. We recommend that you photograph with natural light and focus on the details that make your design special. A good photo will definitely help the Katia Design Team to make a better evaluation of your work.

NOTE: It is not necessary for you to send the pattern by email when you participate. We only need the pattern if your design is one of the winners.


  • The Fil Katia S.A. Design Team will select the finalists and the winning designs in each category. The names of the finalists and the winners will be published in this post and on the Katia social networks on 21st December 2018. All the winners will be notified beforehand.
  • The winning designers give their permission to allow Fil Katia S.A. to publish the instructions of their design in one of our Katia Woman Autumn Winter 19/20 magazines.
  • The Design Team will need the actual accessory items whilst editing the magazine in order; to revise the patterns and to include them in the photo session. Katia will organise the collection and shipping by Courier of the winning accessories. Then, we will retuner the models to their creators.
  • Designers agree to not publish the pattern in any other medium before our new magazine.
  • Fil Katia S.A. reserves the right to cancel any of the participating entries if the requirements are not kept. If the Katia Design Team so decides, the prize giveaway competition (or any of its categories) can be declared void or more than one winner considered.
  • To take part in the Katia Designers Awards 3 implies the acceptance of these conditions.

Finalists and winners 21/12/2018

1 | Winner: Knit Accessories. Congratulations Ana Pereira! You are the winner of our Katia Designers Awards 3, Knit Accessories category.

2 | Winner: Crochet Accessories. Congratulations Mely Raya! You are the winner of our Katia Designers Awards 3, Crochet Accessories category.

Katia Designers Award

3 | Finalists: Harper Hook, María Huedo, Andrea Escobedo, Fibre & Folk, Vanesa Roncero, Chic-Vic and ByMartaSebastian. Join and VOTE with a Like for the third winning design on Facebook! Which finalist design should be included in our magazine? Thank you so much for taking part!

Katia Designers Award

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