Sew with Katia Tour II. Jessica Lorraine, Lise tailor y Katharina

On this occasion the special guests of our Sew with Katia Tour are 3 handicraft lovers who are as enthusiastic about yarns as they are fabrics. The love of sewing has no boundaries and today we are showing you projects sewn from as far afield as Australia, France and England. The same fabric can change radically depending on the vision of each dressmaker. The details, combinations or modifications can make each garment or accessory unique and special.

Are you coming to meet them?

sew with katia tour

Sew with Katia Tour II

Jessica Lorraine

We are starting with Jessica Lorraine, an Australian who is addicted to sewing. She learnt to sew when she was 7 years old thanks to her grandmother who taught her. She also learnt to knit and crochet. Grandmothers and their amazing hands are just the best, don’t you agree?

To take part in our Sew with Katia Tour, Jessica chose her fabric mainly because of the colour. She loves mustard, and what better choice than the Origami Lion Coordinated fabric. For the pattern she chose the oriental style blouse with the crossover front facing ‘V’ neck detail.

sew with katia tour jessica lorraine

As she herself says, with the step by step instructions, which come with each one of our patterns, this is such an easy pattern to make.

She has added a personal touch and made the blouse truly unique by sewing frills onto the sleeves. What do you think? You can see how the blouse has turned out more clearly in the video July Makes on her Youtube channel or in the post on her website.


Lise is French, a mother with two children and the author of the book “Je Me Mets au Tricot” (‘I’m Knitting). That turned out to be the trigger that lead to her leaving her job in digital marketing in order to dedicate herself to her passions of knit and sewing. As she explains in her blog: As soon as I have some free time … I sew and knit!

To participate in our TOUR she has sewn this fantastic pyjama set with fabrics from the pretty and charming Savanna collection.

For the Sleeveless t-shirt she chose the Savanna Pink Flowers  jersey fabric, and for the trousers the Savanna Mint Coordinated poplin.

It’s the perfect combination to feel comfortable in around the home. As a modification she added a knitted waistband to the trousers.

Lise is very active on social networks. You can visit her blog and her Youtube channel where she regularly uploads podcasts about fabrics and yarns.

sew with katia tour lisetailor


Katharina lives in England and has two children. According to what she explains in her blog, she was never really very creative. But when her first daughter was born something inside her changed and she started to get interested in things made by hand. Today she is a fabric and yarn enthusiast for both herself and her two little ones. She has a delicate, romantic style that we absolutely love.

sew with katia tour kat sewings

For the Sew with Katia Tour she fell in love with the Jersey Melange Savanna Flamingo fabric from the Savanna collection. She combined it perfectly for the following patterns: Bodysuit, bib & rattle for the baby. And the romper dungarees for her elder daughter. Take a look at her blog or Instagram account if you want to know more about her experience with our fabrics and patterns.

sew with katia tour kat dungarees girl

sew with katia tour kat mono baby

Meet more interesting dressmakers in our Sew with Katia TOUR I post and on social networks using the hashtags #coseconkatia o #sewwithkatia

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