Corduroy pinafore dress videotutorial: A quick and easy project for all ages

The name “pinafore dress” is sure to bring back memories of your childhood, a garment with a skirt or shorts, bib and suspenders. Versatile and comfortable to wear with a sweater or blouse underneath. A simple and timeless pattern that you can make with a multitude of fabrics, from finer like rustic cotton to more winter-like corduroy or soft knit gales.

Marian, has chosen to sew this project one of the proposals from our autumn-winter fabric catalog: the corduroy knit in misty rose color. A medium corduroy fabric in a solid pale pink color. With the typical wide ribs of thick winter corduroy, but this time with a little elastic to provide greater comfort to the garment. The pattern of this beautiful model is included in the sewing patterns magazine miniME, and it is available for sizes from 12 months to 12 years and for women’s sizes S-M-L-XL. With this project, you will match your little one! A project where you will learn many sewing techniques and tricks.

pinafore dress tutorial


Tutorial: Corduroy pinafore for the whole family

Take note of the list of materials and supplies and follow the step by step shown in the video tutorial to sew the pinafore dress pattern.

Materials to sew a pinafore dress

Little sizes (86 cm – 92 cm – 98 cm – 104 cm)

  • Knit Corduroy 80-85-90-95 cm
  • 9 wooden buttons: size 24L (15 mm)
  • Lightweight iron-on interfacing : 11 3/4” (30 cm)

pichi de pana

Kids (116 cm – 128 cm – 140 cm – 152 cm)

  • Knit Corduroy 105-110-115-120 cm
  • 10 wooden buttons: size 24L (15 mm)
  • Lightweight iron-on interfacing: 13 3/4” (35 cm)

pinafore dress pattern

pinafore dress tutorial

Mujer ( sizes S-M-L-XL )

  • Knit Corduroy 170 cm all sizes
  • 10 wooden buttons: size 36L (24 mm)
  • Lightweight iron-on interfacing: 15 3/4” (40 cm)

pichi de pana

pichi de pana

Sew the pinafore dress

  1. Make the front pockets; sew the hem along the upper edge and iron the remaining seam allowances inward. Position the pockets as indicated by the stitch markers and topstitch in place close to the pocket edges.
  2. Make the straps. Note: for stretch fabrics, use interfacing to ensure they do not stretch with wear. Fold the straps in half with right sides facing together. Sew along one end and the long side then turn out to the right side through the unsewn end.
  3. Then, sew the straps onto the upper edge of the back with the right sides facing together and facing downwards.
  4. Sew the pinafore sides with the right sides of the fronts and back facing together.
  5.  Iron the interlining pieces onto the wrong sides of the pinafore facing pieces. Join the front and back facing pieces together, with right sides facing, and sew at the sides.
  6. Fold and iron the front bands inwards at the pattern markings.
  7. Attach the facing around the upper edge of the pinafore with the right sides facing together. Fold the front bands outwards and sew to the ends of the facings.
  8. When the facings have been sewn to the front bands, sew along the upper edge as shown in the diagram.
  9. Turn the facings and the front bands inwards. Sew the front bands in place with a vertical line of stitching close to the edge.
  10. Finally sew the buttonholes and buttons onto the front and one button on each strap. Sew the hem along the lower edge of the pinafore.

pinafore dress tutorial

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