Muslin or double gauze fabric: learn a little more about the must have fabric of the season

Currently, muslin is a must for every seamstress and mom. A fabric with a thousand and one possibilities, 100% cotton with an openwork thread look, very fluffy, light, and not elastic. A very easy to sew fabric with many options. Surely you will identify it quickly if we talk about the gauze and typical baby blankets for babies.

It is a delicate, super soft fabric and perfect for the delicate skin of the baby. This fabric has two layers together of the same fabric joined at many points that makes it impossible to separate them, that is why it is also known as double gauze. It has a slightly wrinkled texture, very similar to cheesecloth.

Meet HERE our autumn-winter 20/21 muslin catalog.


Muslin or double gauze fabric

Look at the following recommendations and precautions that you should have when sewing with this fabric:

  1. Sew your muslin with a normal universal 80 needles.
  2. We recommend you wash it before using it, as it can shrink a little.
  3. It is very It is important to overlock it when making any garment with it, as it tends to fray at the edges.
  4. It can be ironed without problems with the iron on medium heat.

In short, a very versatile fabric with which you can sew almost anything you can imagine. Baby blankets, neckerchiefs, dresses, skirts, blouses, overalls, pants, sarongs, diaper covers, jumpsuits, toiletry bags, and a thousand other projects.

Muslin with gold and silver touches

This season you will find in our catalog 5 new muslin with different patterns such as turtles, cotton flowers, or duck prints. Soft drawings in gold and silver make this collection very special. With a width of 130-135 cm and a weight of 125gr / mt2.


White muslin with a delicate trace of the cotton flower in gold.

cotton muslin

Lamas Flower

Dusty pink background and golden touches of leaves.

rose muslin


In this white fabric, the protagonist is the drawing of wheat in golden color.

muslin white

Tortoise and the hare

This green muslin has a very original print based on the tale of the “Tortoise and the hare”.


Ugly duckling foot

Charcoal gray muslin with small silver duck prints.

gray muslin


New Katia Fabrics muslins now available!

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