Learn how to sew a children´s backpack for back to school with the polar bear bag panel

9 August, 2021

We continue preparing for the return to school, this time with a children´s backpack with a more winter print in blue tones and a polar bear as the protagonist. A very easy project to do with our Polar bear bag panel and the step-by-step sewing video tutorial that Marian has created for us. The backpack is a perfect size for the nursery or toddler. With a drawstring closure and a flap. Have fun preparing a 100% handmade back to school for your little one.

polar bear bag tutorial

Children´s backpack for back to school 🐻‍❄️

Take note of the list of materials and tools and follow the step by step shown in the video to make this practical model. The panel is made with our slim canvas fabric, a resistant fabric ideal for this type of project. You can do it with or without batting in between to give it more body, you decide.


Materials to sew the children´s backpack (one size 3-7 years)

  • 1 panel CSP2 – Polar bear bag
  • 2 x black plastic adjusting buckles: 1” (25 mm) wide.
  • Cream cotton cord (8 mm wide): 37 3/8” (95 cm).
  • 2 x eyelet rivets (12 mm) to thread the cord through.
  • Batting: 80 cm (optional).

Kid´s polar bear backpack panel

Making the backpack

Cut out the pieces along the lines marked in black. Seam allowances included: 3/8” (1 cm).

1. Make the back straps: fold the straps in half, with the right sides facing together, and sew along the open side and one end, leaving the other end unsewn. Turn the straps out to the right side through the open end using a safety pin. Position the two upper straps (finished length = 15 3/8” / 39 cm x 1” / 2.5 cm) onto the right side of the back of the backpack between the pattern markings/- notches facing downwards. Sew in place.

2. Sew the two lower straps between the pattern markings/notches facing upwards (finished length = 14 5/8” / 37 cm x 1” / 2.5 cm). Attach the fixed part of the adjusting buckles to the ends of the upper straps and stitch in place. Pass the lower straps through the regulating part of the buckles.

3. Match the front and back backpack pieces together with the right sides facing and sew the side seams. Repeat the same step with the lining pieces.

4. Join the circular base to the main body of the backpack (with right sides facing together), pin in place, and sew. Repeat the same step with the lining, leaving an opening in the base to turn the backpack out to the right side.

polar bear bag tutorial

Make the flap

5. Make the flap: match the two flap pieces together with the right sides facing. Sew around the edge, except for the upper part, and turn out
to the right side. Work a row of stitching close to the outer edge of the flap to fix the seam in place. Sew the flap onto the outside of the back of the backpack, facing downwards, so the exterior backpack fabric touches the exterior flap fabric.

6. Introduce the exterior part of the backpack inside the lining part, with the right sides of the fabrics facing together. Make sure that the flap and upper straps are inside the lining and facing downwards. Join and sew the lining to the outer backpack fabric around the upper edge. Turn the backpack out to the right side through the opening in the lining.

polar bear bag tutorial

Tunnel and cord stop lock

7. Make the casing to pass the cotton drawstring cord through, work a row of stitching only on the front part of the backpack at a distance of 1” (2.5 cm) from the upper edge. Cut the cord in half, pass each piece of cord through one eyelet rivet (using a safety pin) and secure each end of the cord at the sides of the backpack with a row of stitching. Pull the safety pins through the lining opening.

8. Then, close the lining opening with a row of machine stitching or stitch by hand.

9. Make the cord stop lock for the cord: fold the piece in half, with the right sides facing together, sew lengthwise and turn out to the right side. Fold with the seam in the middle, overlap the seam and work a row of vertical stitching, so two tunnels are formed to pass the cord through. Pass the two cord ends through the cord and then knot the cord ends.

polar bear bag tutorial

Your new backpack is ready to start the school year!

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