8 essentials of fabrics and sewing patterns of Katia Fabrics

Just a few days to celebrate the change of the year, we want to show a compilation of the 8 essentials of fabrics and sewing patterns Katia Fabrics of this 2019. There have been many sewing patterns that we have been incorporating into our current collection. And new fabrics such as denim, a must for summer and the resistant waterproof for all seasons. Comfortable fabrics such as jersey and plush have been a must throughout the fall/winter season. Dresses, sweatshirts, baby bags, cushions, bags, and accessories. All of them made with exclusive designs and fun and original prints.

essential of fabrics

8 essentials of fabrics and sewing patterns

Children’s prints

We love animal prints and themes related to nature.
Decorate the room with accessories made with the soft Jersey Fear Hug. Our dear pink Anitram monster will fill any corner with color.

jersey fear hug anitram
By composition and thickness, our poplin is an easy-to-sew fabric that also provides freshness and customization with its color. Make a baby sack thanks to this cat pattern with the Pink Milk Meow jersey.

baby sack pattern

Or a beautiful Anorak with the print of happy costumes of creatures of the night on a mint background: Poplin Night Costume will be ideal.

Animal prints

The bat print is designed for the backpack pattern with wings + vest. In order to carry out this project you must master sewing at an expert level.
Try the wolf print in its most winter version to make a child’s jumpsuit with a hat and scarf knitted with two needles.

jumpsuit pattern for kids
In the lighter version with the Wolf Howl poplin to make dresses or a stroller cover.

little wolf dress

cover stroller universal

Pieces musicals

With a print of musical notes and musical instruments, you can sew from dresses to baby hammock covers. The secret? The jersey is an elastic fabric that adapts great to body shapes and objects.

dress woman pattern

chair cover pattern

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