How to make macramé sandals: video tutorial and 12-step instructions by @knittingtheskyline

If you’re already wearing your new cross-body macramé bag thanks to the latest video tutorial and free pattern by @knittingtheskyline, ¡surprise! We suggest completing your summery look with some macramé espadrilles handmade by you. You just need the yarn leftover from the 2 bobbins of Macramé Cord Fine you used to make your fringed macramé bag. We want to help you make the most of your 2 bobbins of 100% recycled thin cord. Do you want to learn how to make macramé sandals with your own two hands? Follow the full video and 12-step instructions to wear macramé espadrilles this summer.

How to make macramé sandals

Tutorial by @knittingtheskyline


8 cm x 17 cm (length x width)

Size 37/38

Adjustable to other sizes: add 2 cords for larger sizes and remove 2 cords for smaller sizes.


*Make these sandals and this cross-body bag with just 2 bobbins of Macramé Cord Fine.

How to make macramé sandals

Knots used

Lark’s head knot

Square knot

Diagonal Double Half Hitch

Square button knot


Work all rows from left to right.

The cords indicated below are for one espadrille, repeat for the other:

  • Cut 16 cords measuring 80 cm each
  • Cut 5 cord measuring 40 cm
  • Fold the 16 cords in half

How to make macramé sandals

12-step instructions to make your own macramé sandals

1 | Tie the all the cords to one 40-cm cord with lark’s head knot.

2 | Work a full row of horizontal double half hitch using one of the 40-cm cords as a guide.

3 | Repeat step 2.

4 | Work one row of square knots.

5 | Work one row of square button knots leaving the first and last two cords loose.

6 | Repeat step 4.

7 | Repeat step 2.

8 | Repeat step 2 again.

9 | Cut the fringe to 2 cm and comb it.

10 | Weave in the guides on the wrong side by sewing them with needle and thread or with a glue gun.

11 | Pin the piece to the espadrille sole and sew with a tapestry needle using vertical lark’s head knot.

12 | Lastly, weave in the ends.

Cómo hacer sandalias de macramé

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