EKOS Zero Waste Kits with PDF pattern and video tutorial: 12 crochet projects for a sustainable home

Small gestures change the world. For this reason, here are 12 small ideas to start transforming yours into a sustainable home that is environmentally friendly. Adopting an organic lifestyle is one way to take care of the planet. We help you do so with a Zero Waste Kits collection with home wear products created by @bykaterinadesigns with EKOS, the most sustainable yarn. If you want to live plastic-free, consume responsibly, and reuse to avoid generating more waste… Get your crochet hook, some balls of Katia EKOS, and start creating a better future today! 

Zero Waste Kits

Small zero waste projects, big changes 

Discover how to make your home more sustainable with the Zero Waste Kits EKOS collection:

  • Make your own mesh stitch shopping bags.
  • Keep your bread from going stale in beautiful tapestry crochet bread bags.
  • Bring color to your kitchen with bowl coverstea towels, and oven gloves using only single crochet and chain stitches.
  • Try mosaic crochet to take your lunch to work in the most environmentally friendly and practical lunch bag.
  • Make a full set for eating out with handmade cutlery covers and place mats.

Start to change with the Zero Waste Kits in the EKOS collection designed exclusively by @bykaterinadesigns

Zero Waste Kits

EKOS Zero Waste Kits with PDF pattern and video tutorial

Each Zero Waste Kit from the EKOS collection consists of EKOS balls (does not include crochet hook), a downloadable PDF pattern in 6 languages and a video tutorial to learn how to crochet each of the sustainable projects.

How to access the pattern in PDF and the video?

After buying a kit on katia.com, visit the page dedicated to the kit again to have access to:

  • PDF pattern download button.
  • WATCH VIDEO button to follow the video tutorial.

All EKOS kits are presented in a practical FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled paper zipper case. This eco-friendly bag has a hole to pull your yarn through and keep your ball from rolling on the floor. 


estuche de papel reutilizable

Bread Universe Kits

Keep your bread in beautiful crochet bags and bread baskets with the Bread Universe Kits. These kits consist of balls of EKOS, the corresponding PDF pattern and a video to learn how to make each tapestry crochet project. Stop wrapping your food in plastic! Use this pretty bread bag and environmentally friendly baskets that will provide a modern design to your table, as well as keeping your bread fresh. 

Kits Zero Waste EKOS

Bread bag Kit

Make a bread bag with a tapestry crochet wheat motif with this Zero Waste Kit consisting of balls of EKOS in cream and mandarin. 

bolsa del pan a ganchillo

Bread basket Kit

If you enjoy the little things, such as the smell of freshly baked bread, have fun with this Zero Waste Kit and a tapestry crochet bread basket with knotted cord corners. 

kit panera tapestry crochet

Rectangular bread basket Kit

With this Zero Waste Kit, create a rectangular bread basket with wheat motifs made with tapestry crochet. 

kit crochet panera

Kitchen Universe Kits

Stop depending on plastic! You only need the Kitchen Universe Kits to make bowl covers, checkered dishcloths, and potholders with single crochet and chain stitches. Each kit includes the material required (except for the crochet hook) to create perfect reusable accessories to transform your home: balls of EKOS, access to the pattern in PDF and a step-by-step video tutorial for each element in the Kitchen Universe.

Kits Zero Waste EKOS

Crochet Poltholder Kit

Create with your hands and protect them while you cook with these cute potholders made with basic crochet stitches and decorated with chain stitches. 

kit agarradores de horno a crochet

Dishcloths Kit

Clean, dry, and add color to your kitchen with this crochet dishcloth set with classic checkered designs and modern stripes in trendy colors. 

Trapos cocina a crochet

Bowl cover Kit

Keep your food fresh with these bowl covers made with balls of EKOS and the crochet pattern in this Zero Waste Kit. 

kit tapas de crochet para cuencos

Lunch Office Universe Kits 

Learn mosaic crochet with the Lunch Office Kits and make the most environmentally friendly and practical lunch bag to take your food to work. Make a full set for eating out with handmade cutlery covers and place mats. Create your own accessories to eat in the office with long-lasting reusable materials included in each kit: balls of EKOS, a pattern downloable in PDF with video support to easily make each Lunch Office Universe accessory with mosaic crochet.

Kits Zero Waste EKOS

Tupperware bag Kit

If you eat Tupperware food out, here is a Zero Waste Kit to enjoy your lunch anywhere. Protect and carry your Tupperware inside this original square bag with cord closure. 

kit portatupper crochet mosaico

Single place mat Kit

Use as a trivet or single place mat for when you eat out! Make a practical and original rectangular mosaic crochet mat with this Zero Waste Kit.

kit salvamantel ganchillo

Cutlery cover Kit

Carry your knife, fork and spoon with you in this crochet cutlery cover you can make with this Zero Waste Kit

kit portacubiertos crochet

Shopping Universe Kits

Small gestures change the world. Take your own handmade mesh bags to the market thanks to the Shopping Universe Kits. Reusable, resistant and easy to transport, these market bags are ideal for shopping. Create 3 colorful and cheerful mesh bags inspired by kiwis, pears, and watermelons with balls of EKOS and the pattern in PDF with video tutorial included in each kit. Follow the video tutorial for each bag to learn mesh stitch and make your responsible purchases stylish.

Kits Zero Waste EKOS

Kiwi Crochet Bag Kit

Do your shopping at the market or the corner shop with handmade crochet bags! You can certainly also use this multipurpose DIY bag to carry your knitting and crochet projects. 

kit bolsa mercado a crochet

Pear Crochet Bag Kit

Begin your journey as a conscious consumer with this resistant filet crochet bag with pear motifs, made with the balls of EKOS in this Zero Waste Kit.

kit bolsa mercado a crochet filet

Watermelon Crochet Bag Kit

Get your triangular crochet bag ready to go shopping! You only need this Zero Waste Kit to make the Watermelon mesh crochet bag

kit bolsa crochet triangular

Why is Katia EKOS the most sustainable yarn in the world? 

The Zero Waste EKOS Collection projects are made with Katia EKOS, a low-impact recycled yarn created to reduce our footprint on the planet, our only home. 

  • When you work with Katia EKOS you contribute to reusing textile waste
  • It only contains recycled cotton, with no added dyes or toxic chemicals. 
  • Since it is available in unique undyed colors, chemical product and water consumption during its manufacturing is ZERO. 
  • With Katia EKOS you prevent more PET bottles from ending up in landfills and oceans. 
  • Each ball is recycled and spun using 50% of solar energy, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

With Katia EKOS in your hands, start creating a better future TODAY. 

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