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Scuby Soft Bag by Sunny Designs: Square bag made with front post double crochet

Sunny Scuby Bag

Hi everyone! My name is Ingrid and I am a designer from the Netherlands. As a child I grew up with very creative parents and I used to do a lot of handicrafts. As I got older, I didn’t do that much anymore. Until 10 years ago when I started picking up crochet and embroidery again. Some years later, I learned how to knit! I enjoy sewing project bags and scissors holders and I also like design crochet and knitting patterns, which I share on my blog, Instagram and Etsy. I love to work with Katia yarns. You can find…

Crochet Duffle Bag with sailor stripes by Regina: Make a simple and practical navy-chic style backpack

Crochet Duffle Bag

Hello everyone, my name is Regina. I’m 46 years old, a happily married mother with two children and I live and work in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria. I love everything related to wool. Above all, I am most passionate about crochet. So much so that three years ago I launched my own brand designed & handmade by REGINA. Since then I’ve been designing instructions for adult, baby and children’s clothing, but above all, my crochet bags are very popular. As a result, I am sharing the Strandgeflüster (Beach whispers in German) crochet duffle bag tutorial with you. Enjoy creating…

Neon Sky Blanket by Xamalo85: Vibrant colours, softness and diamond stitch to put you in a good mood

Neon Sky Blanket

They say that colour can influence your mood, which is why we want to brighten up your day by sharing the Neon Sky Blanket knitting pattern by Ana Martín (@Xamalo85) with you. In addition to the vibrant colour, the soft enveloping Winter Washi Plus fabric also puts you in a good mood. Furthermore, we can add the relaxation generated by knitting the diamond stitch to the rich colours and pleasant touch. Once knitted, discover how each detail makes this blanket a practical and versatile piece. The Neon Sky blanket is the ideal companion for your car journeys, picnics in the…