6 new baby accessory patterns: Sew your own Maclaren buggy, Maxi-Cosi or Stokke chair covers

For the new Autumn Winter season we have introduced a series of very practical and original baby accessories. How do you make a Maclaren buggy cover? Actually, it is very easy. Just follow the step by step instructions in our sewing patterns. Typically, baby accessories tend to stain easily. Hence, you can now sew your own with your favourite fabrics and prints. Jersey is an ideal choice. It is both soft and flexible, and adapts phenomenally to the curves and forms of different accessories. In addition, another suitable fabric is waterproof. This water resistant option is easy to wipe down and clean at any given time.

baby accessory patterns

Sew your own Maclaren buggy, Maxi-Cosi or Stokke chair covers

Maclaren buggy cover

maclaren cover pattern

This buggy is a very popular choice among mums. It is lightweight, easy to fold and has a lot of spare parts and accessories that are easy to find. Moreover, we have created the perfect pattern. It allows you to make the washable cover of your choice, plus a matching buggy hood. Are you going to give it a try?

Maxi-Cosi cover

maxi-cosi cover

Here is another must-have for your newborn baby. At this age, your Maxi-Cosi cover is going to get stained fairly frequently. The step by step pattern we have created will help you to make a cover for every occasion. Furthermore, it comes with a rattle pattern in the form of a raccoon.

maxi-cosi cover

Stokke chair cover and matching bib

Stokke baby chair cover

When it’s time to eat a bib is essential. In fact, its even better when made from an easy to wipe clean waterproof fabric. Dont you think? We have also included a coverall bib, to protect your little one whilst eating, with the Stokke chair cover pattern.

Stokke baby chair cover

baby bid pattern

Universal buggy sack

baby accessory patterns

The weather is getting colder. But your baby will be nice and toasty inside this sack when you are taking a stroll. With this Universal buggy sack pattern there’s no excuse for not having a new sack.

universal cover stroller

BabyBjörn bouncer chair cover

Stokke bounce chair cover

When you are a mum, the bouncer chair is your best friend if you are busy and want your baby nearby. Sew a chair cover with the new bouncer chair cover and matching rattle pattern.

Play mat pattern

Finally, a play mat is the perfect place for exploring. It will be his, or her, daily gym work out: a place to make contact with forms, colours and textures.

Baby play mat Pattern

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