5 keys to granny square success, the top trend of Summer 2023

4 July, 2023

Obviously, granny squares aren’t on trend this summer 2023 by chance. There are many reasons to learn and get hooked on these crochet squares! Take note of some keys to success that make granny square one of the most rewarding crochet projects.


Granny Square: 5 keys to its success

Discover why fashion falls for the charm of granny squares every season. These are the 5 keys to your success! Click on each image to access the pattern 😉

1 | The basic granny square pattern is perfect for making the most of scraps.

kit poniente crochet granny stitch blouse kit by katia 39 os s1 katia n

2 | Also, it’s quick to do and easy to memorize. Without a doubt, spending a few minutes per day making a granny square is the easiest way to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

kit crochet granny square bucket hat wow kit 48 os s1 07 katia n

3 | Since they’re individual pieces that you join later, you can make granny squares wherever and whenever you like. Fight boredom while you wait or on your commute with granny squares.

pattern knit crochet woman sweater spring summer katia 6221 18 g

4 | A ball and a crochet hook are all you need. Do you know of a lighter project that’s easier to carry?

pattern knit crochet kids top spring summer katia 8035 466 01 g

5 | Since you work in the round, you can make all kinds of sizes and color changes seamlessly.

pattern granny square crochet woman top spring summer katia 8035 400 02 g

It’s time to choose your next project among our granny square patterns to make the most of all these advantages!

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