New Fair Cotton Crochet Magazine: Feel nature and enjoy the designs of 11 crochet experts

16 April, 2020

We want to propose that you prepare a very special picnic! A get together with family and friends in your local park, the countryside, the beach or your favourite place. Can you imagine it? This event will be absolutely unforgettable. Meanwhile let´s feel nature with the 17 patterns in our new Fair Cotton Crochet magazine. Discover inspirational designs and learn all kinds of techniques with 11 authentic crochet experts. The Fair Cotton Crochet magazine is 100% for crochet lovers! Develop your passion for handmade with the patterns of designers from different countries. Enjoy the benefits of crochet while having fun making unique pieces with our organic cotton Fair Cotton. So choose your next project and dream about that picnic in the open air! 

Fair Cotton Crochet Magazine

New Fair Cotton Crochet Magazine

Find a sense of wellbeing, relaxation and fun in the 17 crochet patterns! Discover the talent of 11 crochet experts in the new Fair Cotton Crochet magazine: @ameskeria, @unikathiknits, @eviknitwear, @followthecrochet, @creativaatelier, @attysloveforcrochet, @happyhandmadeliving, @bypalmiotto, @deestraperlo, @tournicote and @lindseysophie. Each one of them shares their beautiful ideas, inspired by picnics, with you. Feel the magic of transforming a few balls of Fair Cotton into all these exclusive projects:

Romantic tops with borders made using the tapestry crochet technique by @ameskeria.

Fair Cotton Crochet Magazine

Sensual tops with daring side openings and vertical striped patterns by @unikathiknits.

Fair Cotton Crochet Magazine

The simplicity and elegance of the openwork stitch jacket with ¾ length sleeves from @eviknitwear.

openwork stitch jacket

YARN NOT PLASTIC! Say it loud and clear with this bag made in filet crochet by @followthecrochet.

bag made in filet crochet

Comfortable and modern crochet rompers for adventurous babies designed by @creativaatelier.

crochet rompers for baby

Take spring with you! With this floral crochet shawl and tassels by @attysloveforcrochet.

crochet flowers shawl

Create a cosy corner with this textural cushion and blanket by @happyhandmadeliving.

cushion and blanket

From @bypalmiotto for expert crocheters! A short jumper with bobbles, relief stitch and cables.

 short jumper with bobbles

Sandwichito and Limoncín: 2 amigurumis that enjoy the good things in life” by @deestraperlo.


Fairy tales for sweet dreams! Make a baby cot mobile with these tender amigurumis from @tournicote.

baby cot mobile

 Lastly, dream big and crochet this set of dreamcatchers by @lindseysophie.

crochet dreamcatchers

Feel nature with Fair Cotton

All the designs in the Fair Cotton Crochet magazine are made from the organic yarn Katia Fair Cotton. This 100% cotton yarn is environmentally friendly and free of any toxic substances. Moreover, it is ideal for sensitive skin. As a result, we highly recommend this yarn for baby clothing and blankets. The Fair Cotton fibre is cultivated in compliance with fair trade standards. It comes from small farmers in India and Tanzania thanks to the Biore Foundation.

organic yarn Katia Fair Cotton

The Biore Foundation promotes ecological farming without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Furthermore Fair Cotton carries the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. A world leader in the certification of textiles produced from organic fibres, including sustainable and social criteria. In other words, this certification assures the traceability of the organic cotton origin. This also includes the biodegradable requirements of the dyeing and finishing processes used on the product. In conclusion, feel nature with the 36 Katia Fair Cotton colours!

Fair Cotton Crochet Magazine