Learn how to sew a zipper. We show you how with these step by step toiletry bag instructions

We are continuing our sewing classes, and this time it’s the turn of a technique that you are going to use for a multitude of projects: how to sew a zipper. To make the class as useful as possible we are going to show you how to apply a zip whilst making a toiletry bag from scratch. With this technique you will be able to make toiletry bags, bags, backpacks and many other accessories that have a zipper fastening. Later on we will also show you how to insert other types of zips including inserted zips, invisible zips and zips with a flap, etc… However, today we are going to focus on a normal zip, which is actually the one used most.

how to sew a zipper

How to sew a zipper 

For this tutorial we have used our new denim fabric, from the SS19 collection, for the outer fabric. This particular denim is the Flower Denim Dreams print featuring a bird, flower and leaf pattern designed by the well know illustrator Lady Desidia. We have used Canvas Natur for the lining.

To make the toiletry bag you are only going to need:


how to sew a zipper supplies

  • Pattern: Rectangle measuring 8” (20cm) long x 6” (15 cm) wide

  • 6” (15cm) of the Flower Denim Dreams DENIM fabric: Note: it is important that the fabric is washed and ironed before starting to work with it.

  • Fine interfacing: 6” (15 cm)

  • For the lining: Nature Canvas fabric: 6” (15 cm)

  • 1 zip: 6 ¼” (16 cm) long

  • Sewing thread in the same colour as the fabric


  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Thread snippers

  • Iron

  • Sewing machine / Zipper foot


Exterior fabric:

  • Cut 2 rectangles each measuring 8” (20cm) long x 6” (15 cm) wide

Lining fabric:

  • Cut 2 rectangles each measuring 8” (20cm) long x 6” (15 cm) wide


  • Cut 2 rectangles each measuring 8” (20cm) long x 6” (15 cm) wide

  • Two strips of the outer denim fabric measuring 3 1/8” x 1 1/8” (8cm x 3 cm) to cover the zipper ends for a neater finish.

The 0.5 cm seam allowances are already included on all the pieces, unless otherwise stated.

Once all the pieces have been cut out, sewing can begin.

how to sew a zipper detail


This is a beginner’s level pattern which is very easy to make.

Firstly overlock or zig-zag stitch around all the edges of each piece to avoid the edges unravelling.

If it will help you during making up, you can also baste each seam together before sewing it on the machine.

Carefully follow all the steps in the video tutorial and you’ll have a toiletry bag or purse ready to use, or give as a gift, in no time at all!


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