5 gifts for knitters and crocheters! This Holiday Season, get it right with these ideas for knitting and crochet lovers

This post is for you if you’re looking for ideas to gift and amaze relatives and friends who love knitting and crochet this Christmas. If you want to get your Christmas presents right or make that special someone’s birthday memorable, take note of these 5 gifts for knitters and crocheters. Discover a selection of affordable and collectible little presents such as books, magazines, and notions, perfect for secret Santa, for example. If you need to find the best gifts to take your loved one’s breath away, then get our customizable kits or get them EVERYTHING to start a new hobby: sewing. Find out how easy it is to make a knitting and crochet lover happy with these 100% Katia gifts for knitters and crocheters.

gifts for knitters and crocheters

Gifts for knitters and crocheters

1. A book* with 234 stitch patterns, the perfect gift

At Katia, we have the perfect book to amaze any knitting fanatic: Todos los puntos para tejer a mano 2, a stitch encyclopedia, explaining each stitch one by one, with photos. This book includes a collection of 234 stitch patterns to learn from the simplest to the most complex. Each stitch pattern is described in detail, row by row, and comes with an easy-to-read chart and a photo of the final result. Each section is separated into colors for easier consultation. Lastly, one of these sections is dedicated to lace stitch borders to finish off scarves, shawls, and decorative objects.

*Book available in Spanish, French, Dutch, and German.

gifts for knitters and crocheters

2. A Katia magazine collection with patterns for everyone

For decades, our pattern magazines inspire different generations of knitters and crocheters. Every season, we publish new Katia magazines with hundreds of knitting, crochet, macramé, and sewing designs. Our magazines contain versatile, timeless, modern, classic, casual, and elegant projects alike. Without a doubt, they’re a source of inspiration for everyone who loves making. This is why thousands of Katia fans collect our magazines. This Holiday Season, gift a Katia magazine collection with garments and accessories for women, men, children, babies, and homeware. Ask at your nearest Katia store or choose your own selection from the magazines online. If you prefer an eco-friendly format without consuming paper or ink, choose the PDF magazines filter to discover the e-books and digital magazines available in PDF format.

Katia magazine collection

3. For practical people: notions, needles, and crochet hooks

Without a doubt, some of the most practical gifts for knitters and crocheters are knitting needles, crochet hooks and all kinds of notions. So, give the gift of straight knitting needles, circular knitting needle sets with interchangeable cables, double-pointed needle sets and fun crochet hooks with different colored handles. Do you want to complete a knitter’s “toolbox”? Add, stitch markers, scissors, a knitting needle gauge, safety pins, tapestry needles, cable needles or hairpin lace. All these small notions always come in handy!

notions, needles, and crochet hooks

4. Prepare a customized knitting or crochet kit

At katia.com you can find a wide range of knitting, crochet and sewing kits, ready to gift handmade experiences. However, if you want to surprise your loved one with something utterly unique, we suggest preparing a customized kit. Here’s how to prepare a customized knitting or crochet kit. It’s so easy!

  1. Go to the PATTERNS section and click on the project you want to gift.
  2. Once inside the dedicated project page, you can select the products shown to create your customized kit with:
    • Design in PDF format or physical magazine, in this case, click on the ADD TO CART button under the cover.
    • Choose the size, if there’s more than one available, to automatically add the balls needed.
    • Do you prefer to choose the balls in your favorite colors? Do so by clicking the CHANGE COLOR button.
    • Add the necessary notions to complete the kit.
  3. Lastly, get the Kits & Fun zipper case to keep all the materials in and make a fully customized kit.

Without a doubt, this idea is one of the best gifts for knitters and crocheters, don’t you think?

customized knitting or crochet kit

5. A new hobby? Start sewing

If, as well as knitting or crochet, that special person shows an interest in sewing, great! We have the perfect gift: exclusive crafter fabrics, sewing patterns and video tutorials to sew a project bag and a yarn bag.

Start sewing

Customize this great present by choosing fabrics with prints designed especially for makers. As well as the Haberdashery poplin and the Sewing Machine 100% cotton canvas, we recommend the Sewers accessories fine canvas type fabric and the Sewers poplin illustrated by Lady Desidia. At Katia Fabrics we have sewing patterns to make cases, bags and backpacks perfect to keep your yarn in and carry your knitting and crochet projects around comfortably.

gifts for knitters and crocheters

We hope that this selection of gifts for makers will help you get your Christmas presents right. Of course, there are many more gift ideas at katia.com and in stores that carry our brand. If you want to have a personalized experience and find the best gift for that special someone who loves making, without a doubt, we recommend visiting these stores. You can also write to us with your questions, suggestions, or experience gifting to makers in the comments. At Katia, we love to help, inspire, and share!

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