Free sewing pattern and video tutorial to sew a comfortable jumpsuit skirt pants

We continue with ideas to make your own clothes for these holidays. On this occasion, we sew together a nice and comfortable jumpsuit skirt pants with a video tutorial and a free downloadable pattern. Last week we showed you how to sew a basic pinafore for the whole family, and this time Jenifer has given it a different touch by varying the straps and making it skirt-pants. To make it, he used a very original fabric, the soft knit gales from the miniME AW21 / 22 collection.

A comfortable and versatile pattern that you can use in any season of the year, varying the fabric you will have a totally different look. That is, if you use elastic fabrics to do it, we recommend the following: soft knit gales, soft French terry solid, knit corduroy, and recycled brushed jersey.

jumpsuit skirt pants tutorial

An intermediate-level project where you will learn tricks to sew stretch fabrics and achieve results of 10. And with a free downloadable pattern from size 32 to 46.


How to sew a jumpsuit skirt pants

The supplies you will need to sew this project are:

  • Free pattern of the jumper in sizes from 32 to 46
  • Instructions PDF. Where you will find all the necessary information on printing the pattern, choice of size, and materials
  • Common tools for assembling the pattern (paper or cutter scissors, adhesive tape, etc.)
  • Knitted fabric (1.5 m – 2 m, depending on the size you are going to make)
  • Sewing tools (thread, pins, scissors, tape measure, etc.)
  • 1 invisible zipper of 25 cm
  • Sewing machine

We recommend using: · 70/10 or 80/12 stocking needle. 

Presser foot to sew an invisible zipper.

jumpsuit skirt pants tutorial


Before starting, we give you a series of recommendations:

  • To sew the knitted fabric, it is better to use a stitch that allows the elasticity of the fabric.
  • When using a knitted fabric, it is always better to use a specific needle for this type of fabric
  • TIP: To sew the invisible zipper more easily, it is better to use a specific foot for this type of zipper.

jumpsuit skirt pants tutorial

Cutting and sewing the pinafore skirt-pants

Begin by cutting all the pieces of the jumpsuit. You should have 1 front piece cut to the back, 2 back pieces, 1 front view + 2 back views, 2 front armholes views + 2 back armhole views, 2 front pants pieces, 2 back pants pieces, and 1 skirt piece.

Body making

  1. The first thing you should do is sew the darts of the front and the back pieces.
  2. Join the front piece and the back pieces for the shoulders with a stitch that maintains the elasticity of the fabric. Do the same with the views of the neckline
  3. Sew the view of the neckline to the body with elastic stitching
  4. Stitch the two views of the armholes (joining front and back armholes) on the shoulders. Sew to the body with a topstitch.
  5. Join at the sides and at the back, leaving an opening for the zipper.
  6. Make the invisible zipper (in the video tutorial, you have some tricks to sew it more easily).
  7. Bring the views inside and sew with a straight stitch, so they don’t turn out.

jumpsuit skirt pants lateral

Making the skirt-trouser

8. Sew the darts of the trouser pieces.

9. Sew the threads of the trousers (front and back).

10. Hem the bottom and the straight part of the skirt

11. Join the front part of the trousers at the top with the skirt, both pieces have to be with the right side of the fabric facing up.

12. Sew the culotte on the sides, as well as the crotch.

13. Make a hem at the bottom of the pant.

Finally, sew the body and the culotte to the waist, and you will have the finished jumper skirt ready.

jumpsuit skirt pants back

pinafore dress

skirt with soft knit gales

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