Mmm… XXL Donut! Extreme knitting with Katia X-Treme

xxl donut
Now we understand Homer Simpson… here at Katia we can’t get this XXL donut out of our heads either. It’s giant, soft and spongy! The secret of this sweet pouf is in the Katia X-Treme. This super yarn is the main ingredient of the recipe that we’re sharing so you can ‘bake’ this fun XXL donut. Take note!

xxl donut

XXL Donut

1.- Download the knit pattern to make your pouf with the form of a giant donut.


2.- Choose your favourite flavours from the 15 colours available in Katia X-Treme. Maybe you prefer a chocolate base with icing or a turquoise frosting?


3.- Get your cooking utensils ready: size 50 (25 mm) circular needles, and above all, prepare yourself to really enjoy your XXL donut. Mmm!

xxl donut

Extreme Knitting with Katia X-Treme

Make space in your home! Our super Katia X-Treme yarn has arrived and you can make spectacular XXL projects with it: blankets, cushions, stool covers… Knit stitches are surprisingly defined and the resulting fabrics have a soft cotton touch on the outside and a tender spongy filling on the inside. Imagine, have fun and knit big!


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