Free pattern to sew a reversible bucket hat 👒

Autor: Katia Fabrics
16 June, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect accessory this summer? In today’s tutorial, alongside Mercè from @dana_creacions we show you how to make a reversible bucket hat, so you can have two hats in one to wear this spring-summer. You don’t need to be an expert sewist to create this simple reversible summer hat. Thanks to the free pattern and the step-by-step video tutorial we share with you. So, follow the video instructions and enjoy an easy and gratifying sewing pattern.

Hello, I’m Mercè, I’ve been passionate about sewing for years. I was gifted my first sewing machine almost 20 years ago, and although I loved sewing, I didn’t have the space to do it and the machine ended up being put away. During the pandemic, I set up a corner in my house, and I haven’t stopped sewing since.
If you go to my Instagram profile @dana_creacions you can see many of the accessories I sew, lives and tutorials… I hope to see you there!

reversible bucket hat 

How to sew a reversible bucket hat

Bucket hats are accessories that are becoming increasingly trendy. For this reason, today you’re going to learn how to make it by following the video tutorial instructions and free pattern.

To make this reversible hat you just need two cotton fabrics, a bit of interfacing for the visor and excitement for sewing.


Step-by-step instructions to sew a reversible summer hat

Cut the pattern pieces

The pattern consists of 3 pieces A, B and C (they are all cut on fold).

  1. Cut two pieces of part C and two of B for each fabric. Just cut one piece A for each fabric.
  2. Next, take piece C and interface both fabrics to give it more body.

Making the hat

  1. Place the right sides of the fabrics (piece C and B) and sew the sides 1 cm in (do the same with both fabrics).
  2. Do the same with part B, with right sides facing each other, and sew the sides 1 cm in (do the same with both fabrics).
  3. Continue with part A, using the notches, sew part B to A (do the same with both fabrics).
  4. Sew a running stitch along the edge between part A and B.
  5. Next, place the narrow side of part C with right sides facing each other and run a seam around the entire edge 1 cm in.
  6. You’re almost done, all you need to do is place one “hat” inside the other, with right sides facing each other, making sure the seams line up.
  7. Run a seam around the entire edge, leave an opening to turn it right side out.
  8. Finally, turn the hat right side out, iron it well and run a seam along the edge to close the opening.

reversible bucket hat 

We hope this tutorial has inspired you to try sewing and has given you the tools you need to create your own reversible bucket hat.

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