These are the 10 crochet patterns for babies that you can make with the new Katia Baby 104 magazine

If you are passionate about crochet and, in addition, a new member is coming to the family, these are the 10 crochet patterns for babies that you can make this Spring-Summer 2023. Discover from easy patterns that you can make in a brief time, and with just a few balls of yarn, to entertaining designs with squares or cables. You can find all these models, and many more, in Katia Baby 104 magazine!


Easy crochet patterns for babies

Dresses, rompers, sweaters, jackets, booties, and crochet blankets made with a careful selection of Katia yarns. Dare to give baby clothes and accessories made with love by you!

Enjoy crocheting this baby romper with Alexandria yarn in an on-trend color.

pattern knit crochet baby overall spring summer katia 6219 26 03 g

This crochet pinafore dress with pockets is perfect for a summer day! The Panama yarn (you can also use Katia Capri) gives it a touch of elegance, while the mesh pockets add some fun.

pattern knit crochet baby dress spring summer katia 6219 29 g

Making a hooded baby vest has never been so easy! This crochet pattern is made with Pure yarn from Concept by Katia, a very soft and easy-to-work 100% Pima cotton yarn.

pattern knit crochet baby vest spring summer katia 6219 2 g

Make a crochet set with Katia Aqua recycled yarn! Enjoy this easy pattern for a jacket with flowers and baby booties with butterfly decoration.

pattern knit crochet baby set spring summer katia 6219 17 01 g

Enjoy the softness of Katia Baby Ultrasoft by making this beautiful and easy crochet blanket in a fantasy stitch. You can also use Katia Baby Jacquard if you prefer a blanket with a colorful print.

pattern knit crochet baby baby wrap spring summer katia 6195 2 g

With squares in openwork, checkered stitch and grannys

Are you looking for a cute baby sweater pattern to make with Sonajero yarn? This crochet square pattern in openwork stitch is perfect!

pattern knit crochet baby sweater spring summer katia 6219 16 g

The crochet pattern for this baby body with skirt using Alexandria yarn is perfect to create a unique and elegant look for your little one. 

pattern knit crochet baby body spring summer katia 6219 25 g

Are you looking for a unique and original baby blanket? Try making it with granny squares and the colors of the Katia Fair Cotton Granny yarn ball!

pattern knit crochet baby blanket spring summer katia 6219 23 g

The charm of crochet cables

This crochet baby sweater pattern is made with Missouri yarn in pink and white. The sleeves have a sailor stripe design, while the front and back are worked in crochet cable stitch.

pattern knit crochet baby sweater spring summer katia 6219 14 g

Finally, this hooded jacket pattern for babies is made in a beautiful Missouri yarn with cables.

pattern knit crochet baby jacket spring summer katia 6219 12 g

Katia Baby 104 Patterns Magazine

In addition to these 10 crochet baby patterns, the magazine includes 26 knitting projects of different levels of difficulty. In total, enjoy 36 models of baby clothes and accessories with Katia Baby 104 magazine. Most of these models are explained for sizes 3 to 24 months. Of course, all made with our sweetest and most refreshing Katia Spring-Summer 2023 yarns.

Katia Baby 104 magazine
We remind you that you can purchase individual patterns as downloadable PDFs on the website. We hope we have helped you find inspiration for your next project!

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