Enjoy an authentic Xmas handmade with Katia experience

Enjoy an authentic Xmas handmade with Katia experience and surprise your loved ones with something made by you. Click on each image to download these 5 free patternsDecorate your home and get dressed up for the festive season with Katia!

Here’s to a Xmas Handmade with !


Make a bicolour crochet waistcoat and an elegant clutch bag using Katia Onix and Katia Harmony. Get dressed up to party!


Christmas Micro World Amigurumi Pattern. Keep the holiday spirit in this crochet micro world!


Surprise everyone with this crocheted nativity scene inspired by the tradicional Russian dolls. All you need is an assortment of Amigurumi 100% Cotton.


Let’s welcome Christmas with this great magical amigurumi reindeer. Crochet to the rhythm of your favourite Christmas carols! We hope your handmade gifts will be a success. Oh! And we hope that Santa left all the yarns from your wish list under your tree.

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