Publish a design made by you in our Easy Knits magazine, take part in the II Katia Designers Awards

19 September, 2017

18/12/2017 Finalists and winners

1 | Category: Women´s Fashion. Congratulations Gretha de Jonge! You are the winner of our Katia Designers Awards 2, Women´s Fashion category. Congratulations to the finalists: Aga Trawinska, Daniela Pavan, Elena Grecchi and The Knit Panda. Thank you so much for taking part!

katia designers awards 2

2 | Category: Accesoires-Home. Congratulations Ana Martin! You are the winner of our Katia Designers Awards 2, Accesoires-Home category. Congratulations to the finalists: Maria Castrillo, Irene Milian, Olga Panag and  Mariangela Schiattarella. Thank you so much for taking part!

katia designers awards 2

We want to publish a design made by you in our next Katia Easy Knits magazine. Therefore, we propose that you take part in the II Katia Designers Awards. We´re returning after the incredibly positive experience of the first edition of our competition. Then, the level of participation and the quality of the designs presented surpassed all of our expectations. In this second competition we´re proposing two different categories: Women´s Fashion and Accessories-Home. So this time, the Katia Design Team will choose two winning models, one from each category. Both patterns, knit or crochet, will be included in the Katia Easy Knits Autumn Winter 18/19 magazine. Bring out the designer in you and take part in the II Katia Designers Awards!

Publish a design Easy Knits magazine

A design made by you

To enter into the competition you must comply with the following requirements:

1 | Made with Katia. The design entries must be made completely with one or some of the following Katia yarns: Love WoolMaxi MerinoShadowWinter WashiIncaMerino-LinoAzteca and Azteca Milrayas. You can choose whichever colours you want.

2 | Easy pattern. The designs must be easy to knit or crochet. The instructions must be easy to follow. You can choose which technique you like: knitting, crochet or a combination of both.

3 | Authorship. The design and the pattern must be of your own creation.

Publish a design Easy Knits magazine


Katia Design Team will choose 5 finalist models and one winning design from each category. This means that there will be a total of 10 finalists and 2 winners.

1 | Category: Women´s Fashion. You can enter any kind of unisex or women´s knit or crochet garment: jumpers, ponchos, dresses, capes, shawls, waistcoats, jackets, coats…

2 | Category: Accessories-Home. You can take part with small designs like hats, neck warmers, scarves, gloves, bags, etc. Or, with home decoration accessories like cushions, baskets, rugs, blankets…

The prize

  • Katia will publish the winning patterns in the Easy Knits magazine for the next Autumn Winter 18/19 season. Of course, including your name and blog (if you have one).
  • You´ll receive the Katia products* of your choice for a value of 200€ for the category of Women´s Fashion and of 100€ for the Accessories-Home category. *Yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks, books and magazines.
  • The patterns will be available for free in 6 languages: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Dutch.

Easy Knits

Take part!

Write to us before 1st of December 2017 at the following email address: Indicate, under subject, the category that you will take part in: Woman´s Fashion or Accessories-Home. Tell us something about you! We want to know your knitting or crochet story. What about your design? Which Katia yarns and how many balls of yarn have been used? To take part it´s not necessary to send the pattern, but we will require it if your model is the winner. Finally, attach 3 photos of your design from different positions. Try to take the photos on a human body (a tailor´s dummy, a friend, yourself…). So, pay attention to the lighting and the focus. By last, you can enter as many models as you like in either of the two categories.

Publish a design Easy Knits magazine


  • On the 18th of December 2017 the names of the finalists and the winners will be published in this post. Beforehand, we´ll contact all the winners by email.
  • The winners give their permission to Fil Katia S.A. to publish the patterns in our Katia Easy Knits magazine.
  • To enable the task of editing the magazine, the creators will lend their models to Katia for a temporary period. Katia will assume the delivery by courier of the entrance garments and accessories. After the magazine publication, the models will be returned to their creators.
  • For their part, the designers undertake to not distribute images of the design or the pattern before the new Katia magazine has been published.
  • Fil Katia S.A. retains the right to cancel any of the participant´s entries if they do not adhere to the terms. The Katia Design Team retains the right to annul the competition (or one category) if it decides to.
  • Finally, take part in the II Katia Designers Awards requires the acceptance of all these terms.

Publish a design Easy Knits magazine