Katia 2023 Spring-Summer eco-friendly yarns ♻️ Discover the benefits of working with organic and recycled fibers

Autor: Katia
16 May, 2023

On World Recycling Day, we want to highlight the importance of reducing reusing, repairing and recycling. In our previous post, we already showed you our recycled fabrics by Katia Fabrics to create your own environmentally-friendly wardrobe. Now, we want to help you discover some of our sustainably produced eco-friendly yarns, made with organic fibers and recycled materials. At the end of this post, we also invite you to discover 5 benefits of working with organic and recycled fibers.

eco-friendly yarns

2023 spring-summer eco-friendly yarns

At Katia, we’re concerned about the environment, so, as part of our collection of 2023 spring-summer eco-friendly yarns, you’ll find a variety of sustainable and environmentally-friendly options. We also have sustainability certifications guaranteed from the source and throughout the production process, until it reaches your hands. Take note of the best yarns to make your own sustainable fashion!

eco-friendly yarns

Discover Katia Aqua

Among our eco-friendly yarns, you’ll find Katia Aqua, a vigoré-effect yarn composed of recycled cotton and polyester. We collaborate with Seaqual Initiative to help clean our oceans and raise awareness of the issue that the pollution entails.

algodón y poliéster reciclado

Linum ‘Recycled Linen

We also have Linum ‘Recycled Linen, a pretty chain lace yarn with a soft cotton fiber base with a natural recycled linen core. With Linum you will enjoy both the natural aspect of the linen and its surprisingly soft and cloud-like feel.

algodón con lino reciclado

Milos ‘Made with Recycled Yarn’

If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your garments, Milos ‘Made with Recycled Yarn is a recycled yarn made with polyester from plastic bottles and cotton, with mini sequins or paillettes.

poliéster procedente de botellas de plástico y algodón

NEW EKOS, the most sustainable yarn

But, if you’re looking for the most sustainable yarn in the world, we recommend Katia NEW EKOS. This yarn reduces our footprint on the planet, without using water or chemical products during its manufacturing process. Each ball is recycled and spun using 50% of solar energy, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

hilo más sostenible

Fair Cotton Granny

Lastly, here is a new print version of Fair Cotton, a summer favorite within the Katia community. Fair Cotton Granny is available in a wide range of colors and prints so that you can find the one that best suits your garments. Use a single ball to enjoy knitting several print cycles. You can make the same granny square chart with up to 12 different effects. Discover the most versatile fair-trade yarn and try this new Katia color!

hilos ecológicos

5 benefits of working with recycled and organic yarns

1. Reducing your environmental impact

Without a doubt, choosing eco-friendly yarns like Aqua reduces the use of resources and contributes to reducing your carbon footprint.

upcycled marine plastic yarn

2. Better quality

You achieve high quality garments by working with recycled yarns like Linum, since they are composed of fibers and materials that are more resistant, softer and more long-lasting.

recycled linen yarn

3. Encouraging sustainability

When you work with yarns like NEW EKOS you contribute to producing chemical-free materials and cleaner production processes.

sustainable yarn

4. Supporting fair trade

By knitting with yarns such as Fair Cotton, Fair Cotton Mariner, Fair Cotton Craft 175 and Fair Cotton Granny, you support the sustainable development of small producers.

fair cotton yarn

5. Adding unique value

Lastly, by using eco-friendly yarns like Milos, you add unique value to the final result, as well as being more environmentally-friendly.

 eco-friendly yarns

If you also like to take care of the environment and take part in the circular economy, we encourage you to discover the wide range of 2023 spring-summer eco-friendly yarns by Katia. We help you make eco-friendly garments and accessories to create your sustainable wardrobe!