Top 5 fabrics to sew winter coats witn sewin patterns by Katia Fabrics ❄️

22 September, 2023

Colder weather is around the corner, and it’s time to get your sewing machine out to make your winter garments. But which are the best fabrics to sew winter coats? Today we share the 5 best fabrics alongside Katia Fabrics sewing patterns that will make your coats and jackets a success. 

fabrics to sew winter coats

What type of fabrics to sew winter coats? 

The choice of fabric to sew coats depends on several factors: including the climate, your personal style, and the occasion you need it for. Here are some coat fabric options as well as sewing patterns to make coats for babies, children, and women. 

fabrics to sew winter coats

1. Coraline fabric 

Coraline is an extremely soft and velvety fabric. This is a soft and warm fabric that is commonly used to make blankets, dressing gowns, pajamas, but it’s also perfect to make coats, thanks to its warm and comfortable feel. Sew this cute coat for your little one available in sizes for babies (1 to 12 months) and children (12 months to 4 years), using the sewing pattern in the new 23/24 Fall-Winter Textures sewing pattern magazine. 

fabrics to sew winter coats

Also, despite its warming properties, coraline fabric is relatively lightweight. This makes it perfect for blankets and nightwear, like these baby onesie pajamas. Make this baby one-piece design with a hood and buttons. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions included in the new 23/24 Fall-Winter Textures sewing pattern magazine. 

2. Wool flannel fabric 

Wool is the queen of winter coat fabrics because its warming properties are unbeatable. At Katia Fabrics, we have Plaid Flannel fabric including wool in its composition. This check fabric offers a soft feel and a plump Texture ideal for sewing coats like this women’s coat. This sewing pattern is in the 2023/2024 Fall-Winter Textures pattern magazine. 

fabrics to sew winter coats

3. Sheepskin fabric 

Sherpa Print is a really soft knit fabric with a fur-effect sheepskin feel. This fabric is perfect for coats, whether as a lining or as the outer fabric for a jacket. In the 2023/2024 Fall-Winter Textures pattern magazine you’ll find the perfect patterns for this fabric, like this children’s jacket (size 12 months to 4 years). 

Also, with the Textures magazine and this pretty check fabric you can sew this women’s coat (from size S to XL). 

fabrics to sew winter coats

4. Padded fabrics 

Padded fabric is a type of fabric that includes a layer of padding inside and its main purpose is to provide thermal insulation, so it’s one of the best options to make coats. Although we have fabrics like our Padded Silver Print, any poplin can be padded and turned into the perfect fabric to sew a baby or children’s coat. Like this jacket design from the 23/24 Fall-Winter Textures pattern magazine.

5. Granny Square 

Lastly, the color combinations of our Granny Square fabric, a winter fabric with a grid mosaic, are reminiscent of the classic granny square blanket. With Granny Square fabric by Katia Fabrics, you can sew a women’s coat or a jacket for your little one, a pattern available in sizes 5 to 12 years.  These designs are free patterns in PDF format that you can download from the website. 

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