Matching crochet top and pants set designed by @tanjascrochet with Katia Capri for Premium Designers

If you want to stand out with a matching crochet top and pants set, this Premium Designers pattern is ideal. Crochet designer Tanja Adolfsson suggests combining two designs: the Ronja crochet pants and the matching Lovis crop top. Without a doubt, the “perfect pair” for a total crochet look or to wear separately with other garments. To make your Lovis&Ronja set, you just need balls of Katia Capri, in your favorite colors, as always. Enjoy one of the 2022 Spring-Summer trends with each stitch of this new Premium Designers outfit. Download this double pattern and many other exclusive designs, available as a downloadable PDF for your phone, tablet, or computer, at

crochet top and pants set

Crochet top and pants set

Two-piece sets are one of the top fashion trends at the moment. Do you want to know more about the Lovis top and Ronja pants, the matching set designed by @tanjascrochet? We invite you to find out more about the Premium Designer behind this crochet design. Carry on reading and get to know Tanja Adolfsson, a Swedish designer specialized in creating unique crochet garments and sets.

crochet top and pants set

Here are some details that make this crochet top and pants set special:

Ronja women’s crochet pants

  • Pattern*. Worked seamlessly in the round.
  • Level. Intermediate.
  • Sizes / Measurements. Single size: 94 cm wide, 90 cm long (from hip to ankle). Includes instructions to adapt the pattern to other sizes or measurements.
  • Materials: Katia Capri, 13 balls in color 82170 and 2.5-mm crochet hook.

Lovis crochet crop top

  • Pattern*. Worked in 3 parts: back, front and joining both to work the neckline, armholes, and hem.
  • Level. Intermediate.
  • Sizes / Measurements. a) XS, b) S, c) M, d) L, e) XL, f) XXL
    • Width: a) 76, b) 90, c) 104, d) 118, e) 134, f) 148 cm
    • Length: a), b), c) 35, d), e) 37, f) 38.5 cm
    • Length from armhole to waist: a), b), c) 18, d), e) 19, f) 20 cm
  • Materials: Katia Capri color 82170: a) 5, b) 6, c) 7, d) 8, e) 9, f) 10 balls and 2.5-mm crochet hook

*Row-by-row written instructions with abbreviations.

crochet top and pants set

Tanja Adolfsson

With techniques rescued from the past, Tanja Adolfsson makes each individual piece by hand. This doesn’t only require patience and precision, but also passion. When making each garment, she ensures upmost attention to detail and the highest quality of the final result. Each garment becomes unique in itself, with its own particular details. All her creations feature the combination of ancient crochet techniques with modern ready-to-wear designs. Without a doubt, wearing a handmade set or getting a pattern created by a designer like @tanjacrochet is a real guarantee of expertise and upmost attention to detail.

Katia Capri

Matching Ronja & Lovis Set

“With the first long-sleeved crochet top I made, I already used the stitch featured in the Ronja & Lovis set. And then, after making my first pair of pants, I wanted to make them again, but using another stitch pattern. So now, about 10 years later, I’ve recovered this stitch pattern from my first top to make new Ronja pants. After that, completing this matching crochet set was as easy as making the Lovis top. The best idea!”

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