How to sew a flounced skirt with the free pattern designed by @happy_as_a_bee_

Today we suggests  step-by-step instructions so you can learn how to sew a sewing a flounced skirt. You can sew this summery flounced skirt in less than a day. Thanks to our Twenties Cotton fabric, you’ll achieve a soft and light skirt, it’ll become your summer staple. You can wear it with a matching top to create a dress effect or with a light sweater on summer evenings.

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Flounced skirt with the free pattern

Flounced skirt with the free pattern


  • 5 m of Twenties Cotton fabric by Katia Fabrics
  • Free pattern
  • 20 cm of fusible interfacing
  • Zipper
  • Matching thread
  • Tailor’s chalk or erasable pen
  • Scissors
  • Large ruler
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • Sewing machine and serger

Before starting:

  1. Take your measurements to choose the right size for your skirt. For this project, you only need to know your waist circumference.

    Size table









    Waist circumference








    Waistband radius








    Length radius








    Waistband length








  2. All sizes the waistband width is 7 cm. 
  3. Wash or soak the fabric before cutting and sewing it.
  • Note: Valentine is 1.65 m tall so, if you want a longer skirt, you just have to increase the “length radius” to the length you want. For example, if you’re 1.70 m tall and a size 38, we recommend your “length radius” measures 65.4 cm instead of 60.4 cm.

Cut the fabric

  1. To start, print both flounce patterns. Next, use the different measurements in the table to create your own circular skirt pattern. You can do this on paper or directly on the fabric.
  2. Cut the main skirt piece. Trace and make 6 cuts measuring 27 cm and 5 cuts measuring 38 cm as stated in the diagram. Trace and cut the “large flounce” piece 6 times and the “small flounce” piece 6 times.
  3. Finally, cut and interface the waistband piece.

How to sew a sewing a flounced skirt

How to sew a skirt

  1. Serge the side seam. Also backstitch the areas where the flounces will go.
  2. Serge the edges of flounce pieces A and B.
  3. Face the right side of the edge of one of the flounces with the right side of the edge of the main fabric. Sew leaving an allowance of 1 cm. When you’re 1 cm from the end, leave the needle in the fabric.
  4. Use the scissors to make small cuts in the main fabric up to the needle.
  5. With the needle still in the fabric at the end of the flounce, place the other side of the flounce facing the other side of the skirt, right sides facing. And sew along the length of the flounce, leaving an allowance of 1 cm. Repeat the same steps with all the flounces.


How to sew a sewing the waistband 

You’ve finished the longest part! Now, let’s move onto the waistband of the skirt.

  1. Fold the waistband piece in half lengthwise to get a fold crease. Unfold it.
  2. Pin one of the sides of the waistband along the waist of the skirt and sew Iron and mark a 1-cm fold along the other waistband edge.
  3. Open the zipper like in the diagram and pin with right sides facing on one side of the skirt. Place the zipper teeth 0.5 cm below the center of the waistband. Sew along the length of the zipper with the specific zipper presser foot.
  4. Pin the second side of the zipper to the other side of the skirt. Place the zipper teeth 0.5 cm below the center of the waistband. Sew along the length of the zipper with the zipper presser foot.
  5. Close the zipper and sew the remaining back seam. Start sewing slightly above and below the previous seam. Open the seam allowance.
  6. To finish off the waistband: using the iron, mark a fold 1 cm from the edge along the entire waistband.
  7. Fold along the center. Sew one stitch by hand or with the sewing machine to hold that fold in place.
  8. To finish, hem the bottom of the skirt.

Extra detail

Make a braided belt. To do this, cut 3 rectangles 6 cm wide and 150 cm long. Fold in half lengthwise, and sew leaving an allowance of 1 cm. Next, turn them inside out, iron them, and braid them.

Your flounced skirt is ready! The braided belt gives this skirt a boho vibe.


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