PDF sewing magazine: 13 baby patterns to sew from Purest Cotton, a cotton fabric in its purest form

10 February, 2023

Undoubtedly, sewing your baby´s first items of clothing is associated with special and unique moments. From Katia, we want to accompany you on your sweet journey with the best fabrics for and the PDF baby pattern sewing magazine. As a result, our first Ebook featuring baby patterns with downloadable patterns is now available at katia.com.

Feel the thrill and sew these 13 sewing patterns with love to dress your baby. To do so, you can count on the quality and sweetness of the new Purest Organic Natural Cotton fabrics. This collection is made up of 100% undyed organic cotton fabrics in natural colours. Furthermore, they are chemical free and hypoallergenic. As a result, this allows you to sew comfortable and pleasant baby clothing such as the patterns that we are proposing in this digital magazine.

Ebook Purest with 13 baby sewing | PDF baby pattern sewing magazine

Use the Ebook Purest to download 13 PDF sewing patterns for babies (1 to 12 months). The patterns available are suitable for all sewing levels. These patterns are perfect for exploring and learning new sewing techniques.

PDF sewing patterns for babies

Discover the baby sewing patterns with the digital magazine Purest

In the Ebook Purest you can fine 8 models, for ages 1 to 12 months, to dress your newborn in. For example, there are 5 accessories like: a sleep sack, a bandana, a beanie… to help you have everything ready for the arrival of the new addition to the family.

PDF baby pattern sewing magazine

PDF baby pattern sewing magazine

Purest Organic Natural Cotton Collection

Purest Organic Natural Colors is an undyed cotton fabric in its purest form. This new range of Katia Fabrics arises from organically grown cotton flowers. This authentic gift of Nature is available in different colour blends: beige, sand, green…

6 points about Purest Organic Natural Colors

Discover the benefits of this magnificent fabric.

  1. Firstly, Purest is a cotton fabric in its natural state, meaning it is a completely pure and biodegradable.
  2. Also, 100% organic cotton, non GMO (not genetically modified).
  3. 100% cotton in its natural colours, without dying. The colours are born from the different shades of the natural cotton flowers that are cultivated using 100% organic seeds.
  4. Additionally, cultivation without irrigation, only natural rainwater is needed. With Bio-dynamic agricultural practices.
  5. Chemical free cotton: planted without the use of insecticides and produced without the use of any toxic dye stuffs.
  6. Finally, thanks to all the above points, it is a hypoallergenic fabric and ideal for the most sensitive skin like that of newborns.

PDF baby pattern sewing magazine

You can find two different types of the Purest Organic Natural Colors fabrics: Purest Cotton Knit and Purest Cotton Mousseline.

Purest Cotton Knit

100% organic cotton knitted fabric. Available in 2 solid colours and 3 striped fabrics. Sew comfortable and pleasant baby clothing like onesies, t-shirts or rompers with Purest Cotton Knit.

Purest Cotton Mousseline

100% organic cotton mousseline fabric in natural, undyed colours. These timeless fabrics are perfect for baby swaddling blankets, t-shirts, dresses or onesies. Available in two solid colours and three Vichy check fabrics.

We hope you enjoy sewing all the PDF baby pattern sewing magazine with the Purest Cotton fabrics. If you also care about and share a great respect for the environment, join us. Let´s take care of the Earth together by sewing with Purest Organic Natural Colors.