Make this easy Crochet Flowers Shawl by Atty van Norel using only 3 balls of Katia Azteca

Combat the cold with flowers, and we mean a lot of crochet flowers! We propose that you make this Crochet Flower Shawl created by Atty van Norel from the Netherlands. This design was the star attraction among the attendees of our recent KreaDoe at the creative salon in Utrecht. As a result, we want to share the wholehearted enthusiasm that we experienced there with the Dutch crocheters. First, we invite you to download the free pattern. Then, choose the colour of the 3 balls of Katia Azteca that you will need to make your Crochet Flowers Shawl. Surround yourself with flowers thanks to this spectacular accessory!

Crochet Flower Shawl

Crochet Flowers Shawl and more

If you like simple projects made up of crochet motifs, we definitely recommend the Crochet Flowers Shawl. Moreover, enjoy the benefit of repeating motifs that are both easy to learn and quick to make. It’s easy to make your own beautiful flowers whilst watching a film, travelling on public transport or chatting to the family, etc. Make as many flowers as you want until you reach the required size. Maybe you’ll start with this shawl and end up with an awesome floral bed cover. Or join the flowers together to make a stunning triangular shaped shawl. What do you think to these ideas? And what other projects would you like to use these crochet flowers for?

easy crochet pattern crochet motif


In addition to sharing the Crochet Flowers Shawl with you, we want you to meet Atty van Norel, its creator.  Like a lot of crocheters, she learnt from her grandmother: “I learnt the basics pretty quickly and then I tried to copy her doilies“. When her first daughter was born, she started to crochet again. She made hats, cardigans, ponchos, mittens and bags. “I bought all the crochet magazines and books I could find” so I could learn new techniques. At that time, YouTube or Pinterest didn’t exist. So, “I spent hours investigating the best way to join granny squares together”. Then she launched her blog in English. Here, she shares her creations in step by step tutorials with followers from all over the world. “Today I am surrounded by yarns and not a day goes by without crochet”.

Crochet Flower Shawl

Katia en Kreadoe

Katia took part in KreaDoe for the first time… and it was awesome! KreaDoe, which takes place in Benelux, is an annual event for lovers of all things handmade and DIY. We organized various free crochet workshops and the Crochet Flowers Shawl with Katia Azteca was one of them. Additionally, the attendees also made a hat with 1 ball of Katia Big Paint and a planned pooling neck warmer with Katia Magic Diamond. We also met Dutch designers interested in using our Concept by Katia natural yarns. They were, without doubt, a few days full of creativity and passion for yarns. We hope to repeat the experience at the next edition of KreaDoe.

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