Crochet Duffle Bag with sailor stripes by Regina: Make a simple and practical navy-chic style backpack

3 July, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Regina. I’m 46 years old, a happily married mother with two children and I live and work in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria. I love everything related to wool. Above all, I am most passionate about crochet. So much so that three years ago I launched my own brand designed & handmade by REGINA. Since then I’ve been designing instructions for adult, baby and children’s clothing, but above all, my crochet bags are very popular. As a result, I am sharing the Strandgeflüster (Beach whispers in German) crochet duffle bag tutorial with you. Enjoy creating this simple and practical sailor stripe backpack with some chic details.

Crochet Duffle Bag

Summer accessory

The Strandgeflüster sailor style bag is a summer accessory made in crochet using Katia Brisa and Concept Versailles yarn. I suggest you crochet the stripes with double yarn to make the bag more resistant and give it stability. In addition, the metallic effect of Versailles combined with the decorative pendant made from beads, shells and tassels creates a navy-chic beach bag look. Of course, you can always personalize the crochet duffle bag with details to your liking. Creativity has no limits!

Crochet Duffle Bag

A pattern for beginners

There’s no doubt that this is a perfect project for beginners who wish to improve their crocheting skills and learn something new. For the main body of the bag you only need to work in half double crochet, and some chain stitch to make the holes for the drawstring cord. Furthermore, changing colour to make the striped design adds interest to the pattern. The combination of double crochet and relief stitch at the base is also fun to work. If you have never worked in relief before, this is the perfect project to learn the technique.

Crochet Duffle Bag

Lastly, the fabric lining is very basic! It’s just enough to preserve the duffle bag shape when you put all your things in for a day at the beach or the park. The best option for the inner lining is a canvas fabric or a poplin fabric. Once again, feel free to choose the fabric print and yarn colour combination following your own personal style.

Crochet Duffle Bag

Strandgeflüster pattern

Crochet Duffle Bag


  • Katia Brisa: 5 balls col. 5 & 4 balls col. 1. Katia Versailles: 4 balls col. 87.
  • Crochet hook: D3 (U.S.)/(3 mm)
  • 2 m of cord for the strap, 2.30 m of cord for the drawstring to close the bag.
  • Felt (4 mm thick) for the base: 1 round piece: 9 7/8“ (25 cm) in diameter, approx.
  • Lining fabric: 2 round pieces: 11 3/4″ (30 cm) in diameter for the base and a rectangular piece measuring 25 5/8“ x 17 3/4″ (65 x 45 cm) for the duffle bag.
  • Measuring tape, scissors, wool sewing needle, sewing machine (optional), sewing thread, pins.
  • Shells, wood, glass and/or plastic beads, carabiner key ring, nylon cord, metal beads, crimp beads and tassels.

Crochet Duffle Bag

Measurements: 9 7/8“ (25 cm) in diameter x 17 3/4″ (45 cm) in height

Level: Intermediate

Stitches & abbreviations

  • ch st = ch st
  • dec = decrease(= work 2 sts together without finishing, pass the yarn through the crochet rings)
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dcrf = double crochet in relief at front | VIDEO ▶️
  • ss = slip stitch

Gauge: using the size D3 hook and double yarn Brisa/Versailles: 19 hdc x 13 rows = 4×4“ (10 x 10 cm)

How to follow the work

  • Work the whole duffle bag in the round (= in one piece only) using double yarn and starting with the base.
  • Work the main body of the bag in half double crochet.
  • Use cotton cord for the strap and the drawstring closure.
  • Sew a lining with a base that has been reinforced with felt.
  • Add a personal touch: make a decorative hanging pendant with shells or beads.



Using Brisa col. 5 in double yarn and the size D3 crochet hook:

Start: magic ring.

Start each row with 3 chain sts (= first double crochet) and close with a ss.

R1: 3ch sts, 17dc in the magic ring, 1ss (18 sts).

R2: work 1dc and 1dcrf in each st (36 sts).

R3: 1dc in each dc and 1dcrf in each dcrf from the previous row (36 sts).

R4: 2dc in each dc, 1dcrf in each dcrf (54 sts).

R5: [1dc in the first st, 2dc in the following st, 1dcrf in the dcrf from previous row] repeat (72 sts).

R6: [2dc in the first st, 1dc in the following 2sts, 1dcrf in the dcrf from previous row] repeat (90 sts).

R7: [2dc in the first st, 1dc in the following 3sts, 1dcrf in the dcrf from previous row] repeat (108 sts).

R8: [2dc in the first st, 1dc in the following 4sts, 1dcrf in the dcrf from previous row] repeat (126 sts).

R9: [2dc in the first st, 1dc in the following 5sts, 1dcrf in the dcrf from previous row] repeat (144 sts).

R10: [2dc in the first st, 1dc in the following 6sts, 1dcrf in the dcrf from previous row] repeat (162 sts).

R11: 2ch sts, [1hdc, 1ss in the following st] repeat (162 sts), 1ss. Cut the yarn and fasten off.

double crochet in relief at front

Main body of bag

Turn the base over, and work with the right side of the work facing downwards until the last row.

Start each row with 2 chain sts (count as the first hdc) and close with 1ss.

R12: 161 hdc (162 sts).

R13-R26: 1hdc in each st (162 sts).

Change to Brisa col. 1.

R27-R28: 1hdc in each st (162 sts).

Change to Versailles col. 87.

R29-R30: 1hdc in each st (162 sts).

R31R38: Repeat 2 times R27R30.

R39: Repeat R27.

R40: [1hdc in the following 8 sts, dec] Repeat.

R41: Repeat R29.

R42: [1hdc in the following 8 sts, dec] Repeat.

R43: Repeat R27.

R44: [1hdc in the following 8 sts, dec] Repeat.

R45-R46: Repeat R29-R30.

R47-R58: Repeat R27-R30.

R59-R60: Repeat R27-R28.

Change to Brisa col. 5.

R61: 1hdc in each st.

R62-R65: 1hdc in each st.

R66: [10hdc, 2ch sts, skip 2sts] repeat = eyelet holes to pass the cord through.

R67: 1hdc in each st, 2hdc in each ch st space.

R68-R69: 1hdc in each st.

Turn the work around.

R70: [1hdc, 1ss] repeat. Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Pass the cord through the eyelet holes on R66 and make a knot at each end.

Sailor stripe backpack

Cord lock

Using the size D3 hook and double Brisa col. 5 (= 2 strands), work 16ch sts.

R1-R6: 2ch sts, 16hdc.

Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Fold the ends of the rectangle towards the centre to cover the cord and sew (see photo) to create a small tunnel.

Cord lock


On the opposite side to the closure: Fold the cord in half and join the centre to the duffle bag with a loop made from Brisa col. 5. Then join the ends together (near the base) inside the other sewn loop. Make a knot at each end so the cord does not pass through the loop.



  1. Cut the felt and the lining fabric to the indicated measurements (measure the crochet duffle bag to check the measurements).
  2. Sew (by hand or machine) the fabric circles with the felt in the middle.
  3. Fold the rectangular piece in half and sew the short sides together to make a cylinder.
  4. Sew the cylinder to the circular base.
  5. Introduce the fabric sack inside the duffle bag. Fold the excess fabric at the upper edge inwards. Sew around the upper edge circumference, and then sew another time below the drawstring cord to create a casing for the cord.


Decorative pendant or charm (optional)

Lastly, cut various lengths of nylon cord (with different measurements) and thread them with beads, shells, tassels or any other decorative items as preferred. Use the crimp beads to join the nylon cords to the key ring. Use the carabiner clip to attach the decorative pendant or charm to the drawstring cord.

Decorative pendant or charm

Copyright designed & handmade by REGINA, 2019

All rights reserved. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce or sell this pattern. Send any queries or comments to the following email address: or contact this Facebook account.