3 new Katia Workshops in stores to learn how to crochet a baby blanket, knit a hooded tee and sew a girl’s top

Take note: 3 new Katia Workshops in stores are coming! Visit your local yarn and fabric stores to learn how to make 3 interesting projects for women, children, and babies. No matter what your current level of expertise is, these workshops are a unique opportunity to learn how to crochet a baby blanket, knit a hooded women’s tee, or sew a girl’s top. Discover new stitches, techniques, or different yarn creations, while receiving personalized attention and professional advice from the store owners. Enjoy your completely handmade experience with the Katia Workshops in stores! Contact your trustworthy store now to check if it organizes any Katia Workshops.

Katia Workshops in stores

Workshops in Katia stores

What can you learn to make in each Katia Workshop? These are the 3 handmade projects for women, girls, and babies that you can carry out in the knitting, crochet and sewing workshops

Katia Workshops in stores

Crochet Workshop

United Cotton Baby Blanket

Level: Easy. This crochet workshop is the perfect gift for future fathers, mothers, uncles, grandmothers… Have fun making a colorful crochet baby blanket. The most special way to welcome the new member of the family!

Talleres en tiendas Katia

Knitting Workshop

Babilonia Hooded oversized Top

Level: Intermediate. Learn how to knit a sleeveless hooded tee, very versatile, perfect to wear with printed garments. Discover in this knitting workshop how to add a hood and give a modern touch to your garments!

Talleres en tiendas Katia

Sewing Workshop

Katia Fabrics Sleeveless Top

Level: Intermediate. Surprise yourself by sewing a very refreshing summer blouse for girls, from 12 months to 4 years. Learn how to sew an original open-back sleeveless tee. Contact your nearest fabric store for this sewing workshop!

Talleres en tiendas Katia

Stores with workshops finder

Interested to sign up and enjoy a 100% handmade experience? Contact or visit your usual store! To find out which shops organize Katia workshops:

  1. Visit the store locator on our website.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu underneath “Workshops in your store” and check the Workshop Katia Academy box.
  3. Select your COUNTRY, enter a city and click on SEARCH. Then, the map will show you the nearby stores that organize -all or some- Katia Workshops.
  4. Click on each K icon or consult the information table (below the map), to obtain the address and contact details of these stores. 

The stores are always ready to help you and to facilitate your learning experience!

Katia Workshops map

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