5 patterns to make crochet bags with linen and an easy idea to decorate a wicker basket with crochet flowers

You already know that crochet is the star of the summer. For this reason, crochet accessories are also one of the top fashion trends of 2022. If you’re looking for modern, lightweight, and resistant crochet bags, you’re in the right place. Because we suggest 5 crochet bag patterns made with linen, the oldest and most sustainable yarn in the world. As well as these Katia designs, one of them is a free pattern, we share an easy customization idea. Learn how to decorate a wicker basket with crochet flowers, another trend in 2022. This summer, wear accessories handmade by you using Katia Lino 100% and Katia Linen! 

crochet bag patterns

Crochet bag patterns using linen 

Combine shapes, textures, and colors, thanks to Katia Lino 100% and Katia Linen. Enjoy the versatility of 100% linen and linen with cotton with these 5 crochet bag and backpack patterns. Simple and sophisticated ideas to adapt your look to different situations. The patterns of the following 4 designs are included in the Katia Casual 103 magazine. They can also be purchased as a PDF download on the website. Carry on reading and download the free pattern for the fifth design! 

crochet bag patterns  

Are you looking for an easy DIY idea? Go to the end of this post to see how to decorate a wicker basket with crochet flowers. You’ll also find many other patterns for all kinds of backpacks, purses, and bags at katia.com. 

1. Mesh stitch square crochet bag

Make this mesh stitch square crochet bag with 12 balls of Katia Lino 100%. It’s made entirely double-stranded! As well as the full list of materials, the pattern includes step-by-step instructions to make a resistant lined bag with two shoulder straps. 

crochet bag patterns mesh stich

2. Rectangular crochet bag

To make this rectangular crochet bag double-stranded you need 10 balls of Katia Linen. The base and sides are made seamlessly! It’s perfect to carry your daily items since it’s very spacious.

crochet bag patterns linen

3. Crochet tapestry backpack

Turn 8 balls of Katia Linen into a diamond crochet backpack with a cord closure. Follow the crochet tapestry stitch charts to create an ethnic-inspired diamond design.

tapestry crochet backpack pattern

4. Crochet flower messenger bag

This crochet flower messenger bag is perfect for any occasion. The elegant crochet flower and leaves design is definitely on trend. The messenger-style strap allows you to comfortably carry the bag over your shoulder. You just need 5 balls of Katia Linen!

crochet bagpack patterns flower

5. Free square crochet bag pattern

Choose two colors of Katia Linen to make a roomy square crochet bag. Download the free pattern from the website and start to create your summer bag now! 

free crochet bag pattern linen

Customize a wicker basket with crochet 

What if you give an old basket a second life? In this pattern, we suggest customizing a wicker basket with simple crochet decorations. Choose your favorite color combination of Katia Lino 100% to make these crochet flower appliqués. A quick and easy idea to show off a handmade accessory this summer! 

crochet flowers pattern

5 reasons to work with linen 

There are many reasons! Here are 5 that make linen yarn one of the best materials for your summer projects: 

  1. Linen is a natural plant-based fiber. Therefore, it’s biodegradable and non-toxic. 
  2. It’s extremely resistant, which makes it the perfect material for crochet bag patterns. 
  3. It’s hypoallergenic, perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
  4. It features a soft texture and silky feel which improves with each wash! 
  5. It’s really versatile, you can use it to knit or crochet a wide variety of garments.


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