Children´s clothing: jackets, cardigans and waistcoats to look their best whatever the occasion

6 May, 2015

Although we celebrate special events all year round, it´s during the spring when the peak season for weddings, parties and all kinds of festivities begins. However, the season´s climate doesn´t always accompany the event. It´s more than likely that the celebrations are held outdoors and the children, often the protagonists of the day, want to play non stop. Because of this, and because if it´s made by hand it´s so much nicer, we want to introduce you to these models from our Katia Kids 73 magazine which includes jackets, cardigans and waistcoats.

The waistcoat is a fantastic item for children. It allows for ease of movement whilst they´re playing and prevents them from getting too hot, especially if they are knitted in lightweight yarns like this design made in Cotton 100%.

We can´t miss out on a classic jacket for kid´s, but this time we´ve added a twist by using the coloured stripe effect yarn Katia Bari. A sporty garment which is both fun and elegant, and furthermore has the added value of being hand knitted.

Combine this gorgeous knitted cardigan for girls with a pretty dress, skirt or trousers. Download the free pattern and knit it in your favourite colour of Katia Tahiti, a wide tape yarn made from mercerised cotton for fresh, lightweight and comfortable garments.


We say goodbye to this virtual runway, dedicated to all the children who want to look their very best for any occasion, by sharing this knitting pattern for a short jacket with you. Knit a beautiful garment with ´´high definition´´ stitch detail using our Katia Bulky Cotton yarn.