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7 dresses, outfit and accessory patterns to sew in our most suitable fabric for summer: poplin

Summer sewing patterns

Now that the summer is here you probably want to be outdoors and make the most of the moment! But also to dedicate some time to your favourite hobby, true? Dresses, baby outfits and a basket set: Three ideal projects to stand out from the crowd at the beach, swimming pool or on your favourite terrace this summer. This season we have 25 new 100% cotton poplin fabrics which also carry the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification. Furthermore, these are cheerful and a lot of fun. You’ll find monkeys, koalas, hippopotamuses, cats, birds and a lot of Mother Nature in…

Molla Mills Limited Edition: 7 modern Tapestry Crochet projects for your home

animal print crochet

Would you like to learn with one of the most outstanding creators in the world of crochet? You can make your first Tapestry Crochet project or perfect this technique with the help of Molla Mills, a genuine crochet expert. (Read more about her here). Discover how to create amazing patterns on bags, backpacks, baskets or rugs with the Molla Mills Limited Edition digital magazine. This Young Finnish designer presents 7 modern tapestry crochet patterns for you and your home. So enjoy here recognisable geometrical designs, colour combinations and easy to follow pattern instructions. Molla Mills Limited Edition Before you start,…

Learn how to make a dinosaur candy basket and have fun this Halloween sewing with our fabrics from the Prehistoric range

dinosaur candy basket final

Get your sewing basket ready! We want to celebrate Halloween with you by showing you how to make a dinosaur shaped candy basket. This is a really easy project, that the kids are going to go crazy about, for such a special and terrifying occasion. Furthermore, they are going to have a monstrously fun night with it. Get your sewing equipment and materials ready we’re going to start. How to sew a dinosaur basket  To make this original project we’ve chosen the cheerful and charming print fabrics from the Prehistoric collection. The one in the mustard colour is a cotton poplin,…