5 wonderful benefits of knitting: discover the positive health effects of knitting and crocheting

A lot of studies have been made about the positive effects that knitting and crocheting can have on a person’s health. As well as being absorbing and interesting activities (in any of the existing techniques) they have a lot of physical, mental and social benefits. You only need to ask a knitter or crocheter if it is true or not… Discover the benefits of knitting and crocheting! 

 benefits of knitting

Every stitch is a new beginning

What are the benefits of knit and crochet? 

1. Knitting and crocheting produce happiness, increase self-confidence and help create a sense of well-being. They can also help change your mood. Like all creative activities, they feed your imagination and artistic side. They also have a practical side and foment the concept of a ‘job well done’. That’s why you can get hooked on knitting and crocheting!

 benefits of knit and crochet

Knitters just wanna have fun knitting 

2. Both learning and teaching knit and crochet is associated with a sense of calm. They also help to develop patience and to increase a person’s sense of worth and social inclusion.

Keep calm and crochet happy

Keep calm and crochet happy

3. Knitting and crocheting can help to reduce loneliness and isolation whilst strengthening personal relationships. Sharing this pastime connects different people together at both a local level, like knit and crochet get together in yarn shops, cafés, etc. And a global level, like on our Facebook Crochet-Along Katia and Knit-Along Katia groups.

 benefits of knit and crochet

Yarns bring color to our life | Yarn bombing by @guerrilleresdelganxetbny

4. Investigations based on evidence show that knitting and crocheting have many health benefits: They can reduce blood pressure, slow down the effects of dementia, help to limit the symptoms of arthritis and distract from chronic pain. Counting stitches, coordinating the hands, passing the yarn… stimulate the logical part of the brain and help improve mobility problems. 

 benefits of knit and crochet

Worry less, knit more… 

5. Regarding emotional and mental health, they reduce stress, anxiety and depression. This is because these activities, like yoga, promote relaxation, concentration and meditation.

 benefits of knit and crochet

Stress is a choice. Relax is a choice. Choose well. Choose wool.

Everyone can knit and crochet

Lastly, EVERYONE can learn to knit and crochet. From kids to the elderly, whether they are left-handed or right-handed… knit and crochet have no limits. Knit and crochet where you want, when you want and with the materials you want (there are options available for all budgets). Furthermore, a knitter or crocheter can proudly wear all the garments and accessories they have made with their own hands. What more could you ask for in a hobby?

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