10 Free 2023/2024 🍂 Fall-Winter Crochet Patterns by Katia

12 September, 2023

Happy Crochet Day! Yes, today, September 12, is International Crochet Day. The perfect day to share 10 free crochet patterns from the new 2023/2024 Fall-Winter Katia collection with you.

Free winter crochet patterns Katia

10 free crochet patterns

Granny square sweaters, scarves, triangular shawls and even an elegant handbag or clutch! Also, you can make almost all of these free crochet patterns with just one or two balls of Katia yarns.

Free winter crochet patterns Katia

*Click on each image to download the PDF instructions at katia.com. 😉

Oversized crochet sweater 

Download our free crochet pattern for an oversized maxi pullover using Kirei and Kirei Color! If you’re on Team Granny Square, this easy and fun crochet sweater is for you!
Free crochet pattern granny square sweater

Granny square cropped Pullover

Add a touch of freshness to your look with this beautiful granny square cropped pullover!  An original way to showcase the little pops of color in Katia Azulejo yarn in a monochromatic look.

Free crochet pattern granny square cropped sweater Katia

Beginner sweater crochet pattern

This sweater crochet pattern is perfect for beginners. Use Hiro Merino wool and artisanal silk yarn by Concept by Katia to create a multicolored garment with a flattering V-neck and Japanese sleeves.

Beginner crochet sweater pattern Hiro by Concept by Katia

Kids’ sweater with 1 ball of Rocket

Learn how to crochet this fun and modern children’s sweater with Katia Rocket yarn!With this free pattern, you can make sizes ranging from 2 to 8 years old. Unleash your creativity!

Free crochet pattern: children´s sweater with one yarn ball Katia Rocket

Crochet accessories patterns

Popcorn stitch scarf

This scarf crochet pattern is perfect for any occasion. With a double crochet and popcorn stitch design, it is made with a single 300-gram ball of Katia Comet yarn. Download the PDF pattern and start crocheting today!

Popcorn stitch scarf crochet pattern Katia Comet

Lace crocheted scarf 

Using just one ball of Angelo yarn by Concept by Katia in a soft and subtle gradient effect, you can create a beautiful lacy stitch scarf with an elegant and sophisticated touch.

multicolor lace scarf crochet pattern

Chevron stitch scarf

If you’re starting to crochet, this chevron stitch scarf, which is really easy to memorize, is the perfect project for you. Explore creativity with the fluorescent tones of Kanerva from Concept by Katia!

Easy crochet scarf patter Katia Kanerva


Triangular crochet shawl

With just one ball of Katia Afrodita yarn, you can create a large triangular shawl in double crochet and mesh stitch. Get this pattern and create your own crochet shawl!


triangular shawl easy crochet Katia Afrodita


Mesh stitch triangular shawl

With just one 150-gram ball of Katia Brahma yarn, crochet a large triangular shawl with a beautiful combination of double crochet and mesh stitch. Download the PDF pattern and start this entertaining project!

Easy triangular and multicolore shawl crochet pattern with Katia Brahma

Clutch crochet pattern

This clutch crochet pattern, available in PDF format, uses Katia ECOLIFE Ribbon, a sustainable T-shirt yarn. It’s a fun accessory to have in every color!

Free clutch crochet pattern Katia Ecolife Ribbon

Happy International Crochet Day

We hope this celebration will encourage you to enjoy this magical art form! Discover many other free crochet patterns to amaze everyone with garments and accessories that are 100% YOU at katia.com. Boost your creativity with our 23/24 Fall-Winter Katia yarn… The world of crochet is endless!

Free winter crochet patterns Katia