Free Online Sewing Course for Beginners: Learn to Sew with Panels Ready to Cut and Sew

Learning to sew online is a great alternative in this new digital world, where lack of time makes it difficult for us to go in person to schools or shop workshops to learn to sew. Create unique and special garments and the best of everything made by you. For this reason, and many other reasons, we want to bring sewing to your home, wherever you are. We want to share with you our passion for fabrics so that you enjoy them as much as we do. Because creating something yourself brings happiness and calm throughout the creation process. We want you to continue to have “your moment” of disconnection! For this reason, we launched a free online sewing course on YouTube to learn the most important sewing techniques

Free Online Sewing Course

Free online sewing course for beginners

The collection of sewing panels is designed to decorate our home with useful projects and sew comfortable garments for the little ones in the house. In addition to learning with each of our panels, you will bring a special and current touch to your home and yours. Enjoy, with Katia Fabrics, this adventure, without leaving home, with the free sewing classes available on our YouTube channel. These are the sewing projects for beginners that you will do with your hands by following the complete video tutorials of the free online sewing course. Take note of the necessary material to make them!

Sew with panels

1. Time Travelers cushion panel

100% cotton panel to make 5 cushions with shapes and prints of dinosaurs, troglodytes and eggs in green and bluish colors.

Materials: You only need 1 100% cotton panel of Time Travelers cushions and filling to make 5 shaped cushions and prints of dinosaurs, troglodytes, and eggs in green and blue colors. A perfect project to start sewing.

2. Panel of laundry bags Rugby Laundry Bag

Materials: Prepare 1 panel Rugby Laundry Bag and sew yourself this fun panel of 2 bags for laundry in our resistant Canvas Slim. With this new decoration in your little one’s room, being tidy will be like a game, and you will appreciate it.

Panel of laundry bags Rugby

3. Dress panel Best Friends T-shirt

Materials: With 1 panel Best Friends T-shirt and 1 button sew a T-shirt or dress for sizes from 12 months to 5 years. The pattern to do it is included in the miniMe Magazine Autumn Winter 21/22.

Dress panel Best Friends T-shirt

4. Panel Halloween Kit

Materials: You only need the panel Halloween kit and your sewing machine. Easily decorate your Halloween party with this ready-to-sew panel. Contains a banner, a sign, and 5 bags for the candies.

Panel Halloween Kit

5. Xmas Advent Calendar Panel

Materials: To carry out this project, you need 1 Xmas Advent Calendar panel and 1 m of Canvas Natur for the back. The spirit of Christmas is reflected in this festive Advent calendar panel where the typical colors of these dates (green, red, gold) are combined with traditional elements such as reindeer, the nutcracker, stars, and retro Christmas motifs. Decorate your home these holidays with pieces made by you with this easy Christmas calendar.

Xmas Advent Calendar Panel

6. Jersey Baby panel

Materials: With only 1 panel Baby Panel Jersey you can make a basic t-shirt for sizes from 1 month to 12 years or a baby set of t-shirt and pants.

 Jersey Baby panel

7. Adventure Seekers Sweat Panel Hoodie Panel

Materials: You only need one Adventure Seekers Sweat Panel. For sizes from one year to 12 years. Pattern included in the pattern magazine miniMe Fall Winter 21/22.

Adventure Seekers Sweat Panel Hoodie Panel

8. Basic long sleeve t-shirt panel

Materials: Choose 1 t-shirt panel among those available: Astro Pal T-shirt, Thanksgiver T-shirt, Jersey Baby panel, etc …

Thanksgiver T-shirt,

9. Easter Book Panel Easter Book

Materials: You only need 1 Easter Book panel, wadding, and some Velcro. Make this beautiful Easter book with a very complete panel in 100% cotton. Eggs, chickens, and Easter bunnies are some characters in this interactive book for your baby.

Easter Book Panel Easter Book

Prepare your creative space at home!

In addition to the materials indicated in each project, you also need scissors, tape measure, pins, marker, iron, and your sewing machine. You can find many of these accessories in craft and haberdashery stores. Of course, you can carry out the projects of the free online sewing course with the panels or fabrics that best suit your style. Remember to prepare your sewing corner at home! To sew easily, you need a space with a cutting table and a place to put your sewing machine and basic tools … Put your talent to work to set up your sewing workshop at home!

Free Sewing Course

Subscribe to our YouTube channel now and activate notifications! Because, for the next few weeks, we’re going to share video tutorials to make all the seam panel projects ready to cut and sew. Starting on August 13, we will guide you clearly and easily to make the first decoration project with only 1 panel. Simply using your hands and the sewing machine! Prepare the material that we do not start at all!

Videos, patterns, and languages

The free online sewing course starts on August 20, 2021. Every month you will have access to a new video class. So you can do each clothing or decoration project at your own pace, without haste, and from the comfort of your home.

Videos 🔔

All videos will always be available, from their premiere, on YouTube. We will make video premieres with chat so that you can ask all your questions live. For this reason, it is important that you activate the notifications by clicking on the bell icon on our YouTube channel.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this course, please leave them in the comments of this post. If during the course, you need help to continue with a project, write your query in the comments of the video of the said project on YouTube. In this way, in addition to solving your doubts, we can help other students of the course.

Share what you have learned

The objective of this course is to learn to sew to pamper your home and yours; but also, it is an open window, through which to connect with people interested in sewing and handmade. Therefore, we encourage you to share your progress, results, and final decorations using the hashtag #katiafabrics on Instagram or, if you prefer, in our Facebook group. You already have all the information about the free online sewing course!

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