5 reasons why you should learn to knit. Knitting has many benefits!

It’s clear that knitting is enjoying a welcome revival and DIY is back in fashion. Nowadays we find it quite normal to see someone knitting on the metro or in a cafe and there’s no doubt that handmade clothes are more popular than ever. But did you know that besides being an entertaining and enjoyable activity, knitting has many other benefits for the people who knit. It’s a very healthy hobby and we are going to tell you why you should learn to knit.


You should learn to knit because…

1. Knitting is the new yoga! In this overwhelming and frenetic world everything is wanted now, now, now… But when we pick up our needles and resume our projects, it’s as if time stops and our daily stress levels are reduced. It’s like a relaxing therapy.


2. Knitting stimulates the logical part of our brains and maintains us young and active. Whilst we are knitting we are giving ourselves a mental workout, calculating how much yarn we need or the number of stitches and rows we need. Total concentration!


3. As happens when we partake in other manual activities, knitting encourages our creativity. It develops our artistic side and allows us to unleash our imaginations.


4. Without realising it, we increase our self esteem thanks to the concept of ”a job well done”. Our efforts are rewarded with a beautiful garment which is unique and unrepeatable, made by yourself! Is there any greater satisfaction?


5. As well as the psychological benefits, knitting helps to reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and improve mobility problems.


So what are you waiting for to learn to knit? Then, on our web, YouTube and on this blog you will find everything you need to start: tutorials, patterns for all levels, tips… and much more!

2 comments on 5 reasons why you should learn to knit. Knitting has many benefits!

  • Lisa Nordenhold

    It also helps you loose wait as you cannot eat and knit at the same time. I learned to knit when I was a substitute teacher and all the ladies in the break room knitted and taught me. They were all trying to loose wait.

  • Fillory

    great to read about such amazing benefits of knitting…. I Will surely start knitting very soon

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