Discover 4 Autumn Winter 17/18 colour trends featured in our new yarns and Katia Concept magazine

Do you know what the Autumn Winter 17/18 Colour Trends are? We’re going to show you here with the help of the new Katia yarns and the models in the Katia Concept 4 magazine. Camel & ToastedKhakisEmerald Petroleum and Mid Blue are our Autumn Winter 17/18 colour trends proposals. 4 fashion colours that you’ll find in the balls of yarn from Concept by Katia. Colour ranges, which furthermore, you can appreciate in this selection of knit and crochet garments in our new Katia Concept 4 magazine. Without doubt, a must-knit and must-crochet selection: designs that we recommend for you to make this season. Feel the pleasure of knitting and crocheting with natural fibres like alpaca, mohair, silk and camel hair in these interesting colour trend ranges.

Autumn Winter 17/18 colour trends

Autumn Winter 17/18 Colour Trends

Camel & Toasted

In reality, fashion influences have assured that the colour Camel is now synonymous with good taste. You can’t deny that the toasted tones combine perfectly with denim and intense colours. Discover this colour trend in KenaSeta-MohairGobi Lace and Mohair Lace amongst others.

Autumn Winter 17/18 colour trends

Must-Knit by Katia. Short oversize jumper with straight sleeves knitted in Baby Alpaca 100%. An indispensable: Short Chanel jacket in tonal browns, beiges and camels in Katia Pisco.


Khaki green, originally used for military uniforms, is in fashion. Surely this is because it’s so easy to combine with black, white or beige amongst other colours. In the new Katia collection you’ll find different intensities of khaki green in Baby Alpaca 100%Seta-MohairKena...

Autumn Winter 17/18 colour trends  

Must-Knit by Katia. We propose a beautiful knitted scarf made in Gobi Lace and a spectacular poncho in cable stitch made from Alpaca Silver. This knit season our bets are on this amazing bi-colour jumper knitted in Fisherman’s rib with Cotton-Yak.

Emerald Petroleum

There’s no doubt that emerald-green is a really flattering colour. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that it is often used, for example, in red carpets. Achieve an energetic and vibrant look with knit or crochet garments made in Alpaca Silver, Baby Alpaca 100%Seta-Mohair and Aire.

Autumn Winter 17/18 colour trends

Must-Knit by Katia. Knit the most intense emerald jumper with cables on the body and sleeves using Kena. Must-Crochet by Katia. Enhance an outfit with this simple crochet eyelet waistcoat made in Mohair Lace.

Mid Blue

Pale soft blue creates an air of distinguished accessible sophistication. So, this is the star colour used by public representatives like presidents, first ladies or royalty. Baby AlpacaCatena MerinoCotton-Merino and Silk Tweed are some of the Katia yarns available in Mid Blue tones.

Autumn Winter 17/18 colour trends

Must-Knit by Katia. Elegant zig-zag eyelet stitch jacket with a frill collar detail knitted in Seta-Mohair. Must-Crochet by Katia. Spongy crochet neck warmer in jasmine stitch in Katia Aire.

Then, tell us what you think! Which colour trends do you identify with? So, we’re looking forward to hearing about your suggestions and projects. By the way, you can find some secrets here about the new collection.

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