New Katia Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018 Collection: all the latest news on yarns, magazines and trends

Turn on the air conditioning or take a seat next to the fan… because here comes the new Katia Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018 Collection. Surprise! We are really looking forward to introducing you to our 36 new yarns, so that you can make your own knit and crochet garments. Of course, we’ll be helping you to find inspiration in the 9 Katia magazines with 444 designs for you, for all your family and for your home. And lastly, discover what the 3 Katia trends are for Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018. There’s so much more! But for now, we invite you to get to know some of our new yarns, magazines and trends for the forthcoming season.

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018 Yarns

36 new yarns have arrived! Where do we start! On our website you’ll find all the new items for Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018, but beforehand, discover some of the new season’s secrets right here. Take note of the latest innovation which we’ve introduced into our yarn range: the perfect colour cycle. What does it consist of? Well, the concept creates an identical gradient colour effect which is the same in all of the balls of yarn; to guarantee a progressive and perfect colour transition; and furthermore, to assure that all of the balls of yarn in a particular colourway start and finish with the same colour. Therefore, if you knit or crochet a model using Katia InfinityInfinity Shawl, Melody, or Scalayarns with a perfect colour cycle, you can obtain the same result whenever you want.

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018

Concept by Katia. We’ve increased this line with the addition of yarns like Alpaca SilverBaby Alpaca 100%Kena and Pisco, yarns which are made from the highest quality alpaca; Gobi Lace, with exclusive camel hair fibre; Mohair Lace made from 100% mohair, and lastly, Seta-Mohair which combines this cherished fibre with the reputable Mulberry Silk.

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018

And furthermore… Katia Winter-Washi, the Washi version for Winter with mohair. Katia Estepa evolves in colour and size (250g) to become Estepa Degradé. If you enjoy knitting and crocheting with Spring Rainbow and Top Rainbow, this autumn do it with Katia Winter Rainbow. And if you want to know more, subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on social media (above-right).

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018

9 Katia Magazines

Katia Babystories 5. Travel through the land of fairy tales with 28 designs inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. Square shapes and simple stitches make it so easy to knit these baby clothing items.

Katia Baby 82. 50 patterns for your baby’s first jumpers, booties, blankets… made with love.

Katia Kids 83. 46 designs for boys and girls, from 2-4 and 10-12 years old, including bright colours, figurative motifs, striped jumpers, decorative pom poms…

Katia Easy Knits 6. You only need to know the most basic stitches to make these 45 hats, scarves, jumpers, ponchos and home items patterns.

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018

Katia Accessories 11. 48 knit and crochet patterns dedicated to both accessories and home decoration.

Katia Basics 12. 59 models with relief stitches, stripes, 70s style jacquards… in knit and crochet. This is without doubt a great selection of garments and Autumn Winter 2107 / 2018 colour trends.

Katia Sport 94. The ponchos and jumpers made using the gradient colour effect are truly surprising. Furthermore, 6 of the 54 models are for men.

Katia Urban 95. The eye catching black and white jacquard and intarsia designs stand out. 56 modern garments, 7 of which are Katia Plus and designed with the ‘curvy woman in mind.

Katia Concept 4. A commitment to elegance thanks to these 58 simple lineal designs made using stitches which highlight the yarn textures.

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018 Trends

British Style. Diamonds and stripes in attractive colour combinations of ochres, greens, oranges, reds and beiges. Discover the models made from Merino-LinoScotch Tweed or Winter-Washi.

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018

Black & White Jacquard. Spectacular knitted jacquard designs in black and white. You’ll find sophisticated garments made from yarns like EssencePoêmeDuende or Winter-Washi.

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018

Gradient colour Trend. Interesting blurred colours worked in horizontal, vertical and diagonal. InfinityMelodyShadow or Prisma are some of the indispensable yarns used to work this gradient colour effect.

Autumn Winter 2017 / 2018

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