Macramé Chill Out Collection: 5 video tutorials to learn macramé with modern and relaxing homeware projects

Are you looking for a hobby that helps you switch off your phone and use your leisure time and hands doing something creative? Then the projects from the Macramé Chill Out Collection are perfect for you. With Lucía @knittingtheskyline, we suggest a free online course consisting of 5 video tutorials to learn macramé and, at the same time, decorate your home with modern and relaxing projects. Learn how to make décor ideas by just combining macramé knots using some bobbins of Katia Soft Macramé, a sustainable macramé cord composed of 50% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 50% recycled cotton. As well as a video, each project comes with a simple step-by-step tutorial that you can download in PDF format from

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ideo tutorials to learn macramé

Video tutorials to learn macramé

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For the next few weeks, we will share 5 video tutorials to learn macramé with the homeware projects in the Macramé Chill Out Collection. The first class is on April 15 with a beautiful strap to carry your yoga mat. Next, a mandala-inspired macramé frame to decorate a round mirror, so in vogue. Then it’s time to create a green corner with a hanging planter for your plants. We also suggest making one of the star modern décor accessories: a practical macramé basket. Lastly, in the last lesson, learn how to combine macramé and crochet in a spectacular rug using both techniques.

Get your bobbins of Katia Soft Macramé ready, we’ll start soon!

ideo tutorials to learn macramé

Katia Soft Macramé, ECOLIFE cord

Katia Soft Macramé is a 100% natural cord that is 100% sustainable, consisting of organic cotton and recycled cotton. This yarn is ECOLIFE-certified, defending sustainability, the circular economy and creating innovative recycled yarns, ensuring reduced water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Soft Macramé is a bobbin of 5-mm cord for macramé, but that can also be used to create all sorts of homeware crochet projects thanks to its adaptability and surprising softness. We complete the line of macramé cords with this new versatile version of Macramé Cord with direct twist. Create pretty textures, original pieces, and perfect fringes with our selection of homeware designs made with Katia Soft Macramé.

soft macramé cord


Macramé Chill Out Collection

Chill Out is a collection of accessories designed to keep us company throughout all the relaxing moments our day-to-day may bring.” Lucía @knittingtheskyline. Every fortnight, we’ll share 5 completely free PDF and video tutorials to learn macramé. Get your home creative space ready! To easily do macramé, you need a hanging support to comfortably make knots with long cords. An easel, a bar with hooks, a wall coat rack, a sawhorse, or movable clothes rack… Create your own little macramé workshop at home and save the following dates in your crafting calendar!

ideo tutorials to learn macramé

1. Savasana Yoga Macramé Strap

Video available on April 15, 2022. Create your own macramé strap to carry your yoga mat, relax… knot by knot. Leave your routine behind and feel how macramé relaxes your body and mind, just like yoga. Enjoy your yoga practice with the Savasana strap, a soft macramé accessory 100% handmade by you.

Materials: 1 bobbin of Katia Soft Macramé in color 503 and 2 wooden rings with an inner diameter of 3.5 cm / outer diameter of 5.5 cm. Download the free Savasana Yoga Macramé Strap pattern to complete these easy step-by-step instructions in the video tutorial.

Yoga Macramé Strap

2. Ganda macramé mirror

Access the video lesson and free PDF pattern from April 29, 2022. The Ganda macramé mirror is a beautiful design you can adapt to your home. We suggest making a round macramé mirror, but you can also use it as a photo frame or simply as a decorative element, highlighting its mandala shape.

Materials: 1 bobbin of Katia Soft Macramé in color 502, a 31-cm hoop, a 32-cm round mirror and a comb.

macramé mirror

3. Kanda macramé planter

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss the release of the step-by-step video and get the PDF tutorial at from May 13, 2022. Taking care of your plants is a great time to connect with nature. Watch how your hanging plants grow naturally with this macramé hanging planter. Create a 100% relaxing green corner with the Kanda macramé planter.

Materials: 1 bobbin of Katia Soft Macramé in color 501 and one wooden ring with an inner diameter of 3.5 cm / outer diameter of 5.5 cm.

macramé hanging planter

4. Pada multipurpose macramé basket

From May 27, 2022, access the free pattern at and the video lesson to make the Pada Basket. We suggest a multipurpose macramé basket, without a doubt, a favorite homeware accessory thanks to its delicate simplicity. Macramé baskets are perfect to decorate or organize any room in your home.

Materials: 2 bobbins of Katia Soft Macramé in color 502.

cesta macramé crochet

5. Uttana round macramé rug

Lastly, we’ll share how to make a round macramé rug on June 10, 2022. The Uttana Rug is perfect as a bedside rug, so you can get up, feel its softness, and contemplate its design first thing in the morning. In this final project, we’ll combine two techniques, macramé, and crochet, so the learning process will definitely be a rewarding experience.

Materials: 5 bobbins of Katia Soft Macramé in color 500 and a 12-mm crochet hook.

alfombra ganchillo y macramé

Katia Macramé Bobbin Giveaway

If you buy Katia Soft Macramé, before April 14, 2022 through, you will be automatically entered into the giveaway of a selection of Katia Macramé. This gift —valued at €100— includes different Katia bobbins to make macramé and other surprise gifts. If you love macramé, the Chill Out collection and new sustainable cord Katia Soft Macramé bobbins are perfect for you. Make the most of this chance to win this gift!

Katia Macramé Bobbin

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Soft Macramé Giveaway Winner

And, the winner of the giveaway is Claudia Colli! Congratulations! We hope you enjoy making lovely projects with the selection of Katia Macramé. To everyone else, good luck next time, because we have new giveaways and contests to create and have fun with. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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