Twisted back sweater with lace stitch pattern designed by @bykaterinadesigns for Premium Designers

7 July, 2020

One of my inspiration source for my designs is street fashion and it´s amazing that in our days you don´t have to be always in the street to get your inspiration. The internet is full of street fashion photos and ideas. Since I was just a child I was trying , and sometimes with great results, to recreate different garments by recycling some of my mom´s older (or not) clothes. Now i started to do it again and my biggest challenge as a designer is to recreate different fabrics using yarn. That´s why I present you the Sunlight Twisted design, a twisted back sweater crocheted with Katia SeaCell Cotton for Premium Designers

Twisted back sweater

Twisted back sweater

When I first saw a photo with a twisted back sweater, I immediately saved the photo and put it on my to crochet list. It took me a while to figure it out how to do it and I had to undo several times, but I end up with the Sunlight Twisted sweater, a pretty design and easy pattern. The skill level required to complete this project is intermediate. You have to know how to increase, decrease when working with a lace stitch pattern. But if you are ready to take out the best of you, even if you are a beginner, you can do it! And don´t get intimidated by the twisted back, there are just 2 panels twisted and then stitched together.

Twisted back sweater

Katia SeaCell Cotton

When I had to choose the yarn, I knew it has to be a fine weight; because this is the weight I prefer to work with. I choose Katia SeaCell Cotton because I loved the concept “from sea to skin” and because I was curious about how this yarn will feel like. Choosing the colour was difficult, but I knew that it has to be a light colour. I made this Sunlight Twisted top with the spring and summer sunlight in my mind and this pastel yellow describes perfect what I was thinking about.

Twisted back sweater

Premium Designers

At Katia we’ve been designing knit and crochet garments for decades. Knowledgeable in the creative process, the one that transforms our yarns into unique pieces, we started Premium Designers. In this space we share unique designs and exclusive patterns, while you discover everything about these creative minds. Each Premium Designer – independent designers from all over Europe – shares with you their love for knitting and crocheting. Find out their stories and what inspires them through these exclusive designs for Katia.

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10 comentarios sobre Twisted back sweater with lace stitch pattern designed by @bykaterinadesigns for Premium Designers

  • Thokozile Luthuli

    Good day Katia,

    I saw a pattern on Pinterest and it led me to Ravelry and then to to Katia. It is Concept 03-25 and costs €1.95. I’ve not been fortunate in searching for it on both websites. I’d love to buy it. It was published in Fantastische Strick-Ideen, 02/2017 Frühling which I do not have either.

    Can you help please?
    Thokozile Judah Luthuli

  • Mimi

    Hi. I purchased the sunshine twist pattern fm etsy. The instruction for the back panels makes no sense to me…joining to the front, and body decrease of armhole. The graphs also does not help. Please help!!

  • Katia Blog

    Hi Mimi, please, if you have some question about this pattern, get in touch with Catalina: she’s the designer of this sweater and she’ll be able to help you in the best way. Send her an email at Thanks a lot!

  • Mimi Posthumus

    Thank you for your reply, I will get in touch with her. I would like to also just correct myself, I purchased this pattern from katia and NOT from etsy, I confused it with an etsy purchase.

  • Katia Blog

    Hello Mimi, OK, thank you very much.
    In any case, please it’d be better to get in touch with the designer: nobody knows better this pattern as she does 😉 Thanks to you!

  • Johanna

    Hi! I love this pattern but can’t crochet. Do you have something like it for knitters? I can’t find anything like it online.

  • Kelly

    I cannot seem to find this pattern anywhere and would love to give it a try. Any help on where to purchase would be greatly appreciated!

  • Katia Blog

    Hi Johanna, you can find all our knitting sweaters patterns in There is no sweater of this style in our collection but you’ll probably find some you’ll like 😉 And, if you’d like to start crocheting in order to end making this one, we recommend you to visit our Youtube channel and all the crochet videos. Thank you very much!

  • Katia Blog

    Hello Kelly, please, could you tell us where you’re living in order to help you to find it easily?
    Thank you very much!

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