How to sew a fabric sewing box ✂️ Sewing organizer

22 March, 2024

Learn how to sew a fabric sewing box following the video tutorial by @mamemimoblog with this canvas panel by Katia Fabrics. Having an organized space for your sewing notions is not just a question of order, but also of inspiration. What better way to add a personal touch to that corner than with a sewing organizer handmade by you. So, bring some life to your sewing space with this elegant and practical sewing box. 

How to sew a fabric sewing box with the video tutorial by @mamiemimoblog

To guide you, Mònica @mamiemimoblog has prepared a step-by-step video tutorial, as well as tips and tricks to easily sew your fabric sewing box. 

Materiala needed

  • Canvas panel to sew a sewing box with illustrations by Lady Desidia. This 100% cotton canvas by Katia Fabrics is a strong and resistant fabric, perfect for this type of project. Also, so that this project is even easier, the sewing box pattern is drawn directly onto the panel. This way, you only have to cut out the pieces and assemble the sewing box following Mònica’s instructions. Nevertheless, we include step-by-step instructions in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch. 
  • Two 42-cm zippers 
  • Two 12-cm zippers 
  • One 3-cm regulating buckle for the strap 
  • Two 3-cm karabiners 
  • Two 3-cm D-rings 
  • 105 cm of padding to add body to the sewing box 
  • 110 cm of matching bias tape 

Sewing notions

Step-by-step video tutorial for the sewing box

We hope you enjoy making your fabric sewing box with this Katia Fabrics panel. 

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