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2 March, 2015

Enter and discover more than 140 videos! Whatever your level (from absolute beginner to advanced), on our YouTube channel you’ll find simple instructions to help you make the most of our yarns and to continue learning new techniques at your own pace. The videos are arranged in playlists which make it easy to find what you are looking for.


Learn how to use our yarns and fantasy ranges watching the demonstration videos.

Do you need help to remember some knitting stitches? Are you having problems with crochet stitches? Subscribe to these two lists and you’ll never doubt again.

Go ahead and knit with circular needles or your own hands and arms.

Knit something different like Patchwork squares or a fabric in tunisian crochet.

Follow our Step by Step DIY Katia videos and you’ll be able to make garments and accessories for yourself, your loved ones and your home.


Watch out! Don’t miss our new DIY Katia videos with instructions on how to make Beginners Spring·Summer 2015. Get your needles and hooks ready… Press PLAY!