The best knitting bag to have your yarns and needles organized: Learn to sew yourself and enjoy with our SAL group!

For all the faithful followers of Katia Lanas and Katia Fabrics. We present the best knitting bag to have your yarns and needles organized. We are going to make a SAL for sew together the pattern of Knitting bag + mini bag, which you will surely love.
A knitting bag to organize crochets and knitting needles in the side pockets and yarns in its main zipper. With our fabrics from the AW 2019/2020 collection. A sewing project that you can easily sew guided with our videos step by step. A new challenge for this year that we have created in our Facebook Group Sew-Along Katia. A very useful project to keep your knitting materials and tools maintained and tidy. If you want to learn, enjoy and share your progress, join us in our SAL.

knitting Bag SAL

The best knitting bag to have your yarns and needles organized

To sew this pattern you only need one fabric, wadding, 3 zippers of 45 cm and the sewing pattern that you can find in paper format with the patterns in real size in our Katia online store.
Prepare your sewing machine, because we started!

To sew your project just like the one we propose in the photo you will need:

knitting Bag SAL

To sew with the fabrics we have used to make the video tutorial you will need the following fabrics:

If you prefer other combinations, you can choose the one you like best among the different prints of the Fall Winter 2019/2020 Collection.

Intermediate level sewing

In our sewing pattern, you will find all the necessary information about materials and tools. In addition to the measures to make the cutting of all the pieces of the bag and the minibag. You can learn to make the 2 pieces of the set with videos step by step over the next few weeks.

In our SAL #KatiaSAL Facebook Group, you can share your progress and see the rest of the participants. A meeting place for seamstresses from around the world where we will share, learn and enjoy the magic of sewing. During the next few weeks, we will sew the complete kit. It consists of a bag to store yarns, crochet hooks, and needles, among other things. And a mini bag to keep the ball while you are knitting with an opening for the strand.

Go ahead and join us!

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