New Universal crochet pattern: Baby sack in Katia Bambi designed by Knitting Sheep

We are collaborating with Carolina Damonte from Knitting Sheep once again to bring you a charmingly different and very comprehensive project: the baby sack #CandyBabySack. If you like small challenges, you are going to enjoy this Universal baby sack crochet pattern. So, what exactly is a Universal pattern? We explain more below. However, the best thing you can do is download the free pattern and try it. Furthermore, learn to follow these instructions and you will soon see that it is easier than you think!

Baby sack

As always, we love to read your comments and experiences about our Katia yarns patterns and Fabrics. We take note of everything! And talking about fabrics, remember we told you at the beginning of this post that this is a very comprehensive project. Well that’s because this baby sack is lined with one of our melange sweat fabrics Origami Racoons. So there are actually two tasks in hand. First you will crochet the soft, velvety handle Candy Baby Sack with Katia Bambi. Then, apply your basic sewing skills to make the fabric lining. Finally, have some fun and share your Bambi baby sack on Instagram using the hashtag #CandyBabySack. We love to see all of your amazing creations!

Baby sack

How to follow a universal crochet pattern

This is a universal crochet pattern with symbols and diagrams. The pattern instructions do not have long texts or abbreviations. As you can see, each symbol corresponds to a crochet stitch or technique. They are available in 6 languages: Spanish · English · French · Dutch · German · Italian. Each small chart has two columns that correspond to a part of the crochet pattern. Arrows accompany each of these small charts. They indicate if you must crochet in the round or in rows going back and forth. Of course, each line also indicates the row number and colour; as well as the number of stitches that you must work, which are typed in front of the symbol of each stitch. Furthermore, we explain how to work the final construction, edgings and other finishing details, like the fabric lining, with illustrations or drawings.

Universal crochet pattern Universal crochet pattern

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