Discover the Textures of Katia Fabrics’ 2023/2024 Autumn-Winter fabrics 🍂

8 September, 2023

Fall is around the corner and at Katia Fabrics we want to wrap you up in a unique experience with our new fabric collection2023/2024 Fall-Winter Textures. Dive into a universe of visual and tactile emotions. Autumn-winter fabrics are a canvas for your hands to make magic.

The new Textures collection is full of soft and warm fabrics like our new coraline fabrics or our new print fleece.  As well as other comfortable and elegant fabrics like jersey velvet fabric or floral print viscose.

Autumn-Winter fabrics

Embrace the softness of fall-winter fabrics

In the 2023/2024 Fall-Winter Textures magazine, we introduce a selection of fabrics that are a homage to warmth and softness. Our coraline fabrics and jersey velvets will wrap you in a permanent hug, as well as our new print fleece fabric and our new flannel fabric to make this season’s coats. Imagine your creations wrapped in the sweetness of these fabrics, giving them a touch of comfort and sophistication.

Autumn-Winter fabrics

Autumn-Winter fabrics that speak about nature

Likewise, the fabrics and prints from the Autumn-Winter Textures collection by Katia Fabrics are like a walk in the forest in fall. From soft and warm winter fleeces in brown, green and burgundy tones, or print jersey fabrics with tones and designs that uniquely connect you to nature. Each stitch you make on these fabrics will be a tribute to mother earth.

Autumn-Winter fabrics

Vibrant joy for gray days

Furthermore, fall also has its gray days, right? This is why with Textures, we’ve created fabrics with vibrant tones like these plain colored canvas fabrics or these elegant floral print viscose fabrics which will fill you with joy even on the cloudiest days. Let your creations be a reflection of your vital and creative spirit.

Autumn-Winter fabrics

Celebrate with charming new fabrics

Also, this season, we want to celebrate a sweeter Halloween and enjoy Christmas holidays full of magic. Our fabrics will allow you to create unique costumes, handmade decorations and personalized gifts for your loved ones.

With our new 2023/2024 Fall-Winter Textures collection, we invite you to explore, experiment and bring your most inspiring sewing projects to life. Let these fall-winter fabrics become an extension of your creativity and a vehicle for your emotions. This 2023/2024 season, wear your dreams with our new Katia Fabrics fabrics and make each stitch count!

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