Lose your fears! Learn to knit on circular needles with our step by step videos

Autor: Katia Yarns
30 September, 2020

What type of needles do you normally use for knitting: straight or circular? We already told you about the advantages and the differences of working with circular needles. After receiving many requests and questions, we are launching a series of videos to learn how to knit on circular needles. We hope they help you to lose any fears you might have about how to knit on circular knitting! Discover how to knit the basic stitches, as well as how to cast on and cast off stitches, on circular needles. Once you’ve had a chance to practise with interchangeable circular needles, choose your first circular knitting pattern from the selection of our new autumn winter 20/21 models.

Learn to knit on circular needles

How to knit with circular needles

The new videos showing how to knit on circular needles are for beginners. In them, we show how to knit the basic stitches using circular needles. Of course, we also show how to start and finish the work, that’s to say, how to cast on and cast off the stitches. In the step-by-step videos we focus on teaching how to knit in the round, but you can also work ‘flat’ projects on circular needles. Knit in rows going back and forth, as you would on straight needles, but using your circular needles. This method is especially comfortable when making large size projects with a lot of stitches like shawls, blankets and rugs.

Learn to knit on circular needles

Step-by-step videos

How to cast on stitches

As with any other project using two needles, the first step is to cast on the stitches. There are various different methods you can use to do this for both straight needles and circular needles. In this video we want to show you the most popular technique used on circular needles: the long tail cast on. Use this method for nearly all kinds of projects and achieve a firm, but elastic, cast on. With a bit of practice it will definitely become your favourite method for quickly casting on stitches.


How to knit stockinette stitch

As you probably know by now, stockinette stitch is worked on straight needles by alternating a row of knit stitch and a row of purl st. However, it is even easier to work on circular needles! All you need to do is work all the stitches and all the rounds in knit stitch. As a result, you will advance quickly, in a relaxed manner, without having to think about whether you should work the next round in knit or purl stitch.


How to knit garter stitch

To work the garter stitch on straight needles, you only have to knit all the stitches and all the rows in knit stitch. With circular needles things change a bit, but without getting too complicated. In this case, the work is knitted in alternating rounds of knit stitch and purl stitch. The result is a piece of circular garter stitch, and furthermore, there is no need to sew the work together at the end.


How to knit 2×2 ribbing

To knit 2×2 ribbing work 2 knit stitches and 2 purl stitches, then repeat these 4 stitches until the end of the first round. Work all stitches as they present themselves from the start of the second round. Repeat until the required length of ribbing is reached. Use the ribbing to knit elastic bands & borders on hats, neckline bands and seamless jumpers. Furthermore, as you will see, when knitting in the round we avoid having to sew parts together at the end.


How to bind off stitches

To finish the video tutorials, we are sharing how to cast off stitches using circular knitting needles. In this case, the stitches are cast off in the same way as for straight needles.


Patterns for circular needles 

If you decide to give knitting on circular needles a go we recommend that you start with an easy project. How about this neck warmer made with Katia Tribu? Download the free pattern in PDF format and start to practise both stockinette stitch and 1×1 ribbing in the round.

Patterns for circular needles 

Or try this other neck warmer knitted with Katia Mouton. It is worked in the same stitches as the previous neck warmer, but with this one you can learn how to make colour changes. Take advantage of this pattern, it is also available in PDF format for free!

knit cowl pdf pattern

Next challenge! We propose this open work stitch neck warmer knitted with only 3 balls of Katia Sweet Fleece.

open work stitch neck warmer

Here is another free pattern to knit an attractive seamless circular hat with pom pom. Furthermore, you only need one ball of Katia Easy Hat to make it.

Learn to knit on circular needles

Seamless knitwear

Do you want to become a better knitter and knit larger, slightly more difficult garments? This season we suggest you knit jumpers made on circular needles for all the family. For example, you can find this girl’s bobble texture jumper with yoke in the new Katia Azteca magazine. You will also find the instructions to knit this woman’s seamless knit dress in Azteca.  

   Learn to knit on circular needles Learn to knit on circular needles

For men, there is this simple and timeless top-down raglan sleeve jumper knitted on circular needles in Katia Merino Splash.

top-down raglan sleeve jumper

Why not try something a little more difficult like knitting this beautiful circular bottom-up jumper in jacquard stitch using Katia Soft Gratté. 

bottom-up jumper

Lastly, please remember that we are sharing various tutorials for circular needles, created by independent designers, in this blog. Moreover, every Monday at 17:00 hrs (CET), we will be offering tips on our Instagram account so you can knit and crochet more and better using circular needles, straight needles and crochet hooks.

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