Sew this easy baby romper in one afternoon with the new step-by-step video tutorial


It’s been a long time since we sewed a garment for the little ones in the house. Today we sew together an easy, quick, and fresh baby romper thanks to our Fabrics Lovers Marian Garcia. A project that you can have ready in an afternoon and with only half a meter of fabric you will have enough. This sleeveless romper model can be made in a multitude of fabrics from the new spring-summer collection. Poplin is a safe bet, but you can also choose fabrics such as plumeti, bambula, denim, the new sari, or if you already have practice sewing with elastic fabrics, go for the comfortable jerseys. The pattern for this lovely romper is included in the FLY Sewing pattern magazine and comes in sizes from 1 month to 12 months.

Marian, accompanies us once again and shows us how to make step by step the making of this beautiful baby model from start to finish.

A project where you will learn a very useful sewing technique, how to sew with elastic thread on the bobbin to gather. A technique that will be great for a multitude of projects in the future.

To do it we have used the flying Kangaroos poplin from the FLY SS21 collection.

How to sew a baby romper

baby romper tutorial

The materials you will need to make this summer baby model are:

  • FLY Sewing Magazine where the romper pattern is included in BABY sizes (62 cm – 68 cm – 74 cm – 80 cm).
  • 50 cm of Flying Kangaroos Poplin that you can find available on our website HERE
  • Elastic bobbin thread for machine sewing.

materials baby romper tutorial


Before starting we give you a series of recommendations:

  • Steam or wash before cutting and sewing
  • To sew this fabric we recommend using a Universal 80 needle.

poplin baby romper

Cut and Sewing

Watch the free video tutorial that Marian has prepared for us to make it and follow each step carefully to get a result of 10. The pattern comes with seam allowance included.

pelele bebe en popelin de flores

1- Start by cutting all the pieces: 2 times the front/back pattern and 4 times the strap pattern.

2- Place the front and back romper pieces together with right sides of the fabric facing each other. Pin the side seams and the crotch and sew in place.

3- Prepare the straps: fold and iron in four parts, then stitch in place close to the edges.

4- Make the leg hems: fold and iron 5 mm inwards, then repeat and fold again to make a narrow hem. Stitch around each hem, close to the edge.

5- Turn the romper out to the right side. Sew the straps onto the front and back in the position marked on the pattern.

6- Make the upper hem in the same manner as done for the legs: turn a 5 mm edge inwards and then repeat and turn the folded edge inwards again to make a narrow hem. Sew in place with a row of stitching.

fruncido con hilo elastico

7- Fill the bobbin with the elastic yarn. To create the gathering: work three parallel rows of stitching, around the upper edge of the romper and each leg, in the position marked on the pattern.

pelele bebe en denim

You now have your romper ready to brand new and show off a garment made 100% by you. We hope you liked this tutorial and that you are encouraged to try new sewing techniques. Techniques that give your projects unique and different touches, such as gathering with elastic thread on the bobbin.


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