Learn how to weave a poncho on a rigid heddle loom with SeaCell Cotton with the video and tutorial by Tunki Crafts

Do other textile techniques spark your curiosity? In this Craft Lovers, discover how to weave a poncho on a rigid heddle loom with Blanca from Tunki Crafts. “The Pukapanti Poncho is ideal both to wear with a top underneath, on cooler days, and directly against your skin. We suggest working with SeaCell Cotton to make a soft, comfortable garment that takes care of your skin. The perfect project for long spring and summer days”. Without a doubt, the result is exquisite, and the weaving technique is truly fascinating. Try it out for yourself! Just watch the video that goes with this tutorial to feel the relaxing and mesmerizing effect of this wonderful manual process.

how to weave a poncho

Tunki Crafts: a passion for weaving

Blanca De La Sotilla, an economist in her previous life, is the person behind Tunki Crafts. After working in private banking in Madrid, she left everything behind to experience new adventures in Peru, where she learned about the fantastic world of weaving working side by side with local artisans. She currently lives in a small country house in Menorca with her feline helpers: Bizcocho and Piruleta. There she has her own workshop where she carries out all her projects and classes, both in person and online. She is inspired by the wonderful nature that surrounds her. She is fascinated by the textile world, and weaving is her greatest passion. Blanca is extroverted, joyful and passionate. She loves sharing her secrets with those who want to learn more about this beautiful, gratifying technique.

poncho en telar de peine

How to weave a poncho

Pukapanti pattern by Tunki Crafts

Sizes or Measurements

  • Width: 95 cm (without fringe)
  • Length: 65 cm

The piece is in a single size that can easily be adapted. For example, if you would like a shorter poncho, simply warp less grooves. If you would like shorter sleeves, simply make both pieces shorter.

how to weave a poncho


Katia SeaCell Cotton color 103 (pink): 5 balls

Katia SeaCell Cotton color 100 (white): 4 balls

Rigid heddle loom (min. 70 cm)

7.5 dpi reed


Tapestry needle

Stitches and techniques

Plain weave



Loom warp diagram:


Total threads: 206

Thread 103 holes and their corresponding grooves. Do a simple warp with the threads (one thread per groove or hole).

For the warp length, calculate 270 cm (including 10% for shrinking): (12-cm fringe + 95 cm weaved + 25 cm between pieces + 95 cm weaved + 12-cm fringe)*1.10 = 263 cm.

For the weave, only use thread in color 100.


Notes: work both pieces one after the other (front and back) using the same warp.

1: warp the loom following the chart.

urdir en telar

2: wind the threads on the rear beam of the loom with paper to maintain even tension

papel en telar

3: warp the heddle holes.

poncho en telar de peine

4: tie the warp threads to the front beam.

anudar hilos en telar

5: start weaving: first with some cardboard or thick thread alternatively, and then with the shuttle loaded with the white color. 

tejer con naveta

6: before continuing weaving, bind off the start with a tapestry needle

cerrar inicio poncho en telar

7: continue working as follows: weave 95 cm, leave 25 cm free, weave 95 cm and take the weaving off the loom.

8: wash and dry both pieces.

9: sew the shoulders and side seams as indicated in the diagram. 

coser un poncho tejido

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