The best sewing patterns for beginners. The magic of starting to sew!

When starting to sew it’s normal that you might have some doubts or make the odd mistake. We learn from our mistakes, and in this case from the practical action of sewing, because the more you sew the better you get. In order to help you work with the best of ease in this marvellous world of handmade things, the beginners sewing patterns are going to be your best friend.

We are the first ones to acknowledge that learning to sew can be a long process. Here at Katia Fabrics we want to accompany you, step by step, throughout this process which is why we are presenting you with a selection of our best beginners sewing patterns today.

Amongst them you will find a lot of patterns that are easy to follow when starting to sew. As the saying goes, “it’s all plain sailing from here”!

sewing patterns for beginners

Sewing patterns for beginners

Inside our catalogue you will be able to find patterns for all ages and all tastes including for baby, little, kids, woman and accessories.

For Baby

This sleep sack and baby changer set pattern is perfect for learning different sewing techniques. You will learn how to insert zips, Velcro, bias binding strips, etc…

Footmuff & Changing Mat Set Pattern

Sew a winter coat or anorak with a hood and lining. You might think that it looks difficult at first, but you will soon see that it is much easier than you imagined.

sewing for beginners anorak north scape

With this sweatshirt, leggings and hat set you are going to be the sewing queen for babies.


sewing for beginners baby set

This cot set and cot bar protector pattern is a basic that will help you keep your seaming straight. This is a widely used project amongst future mums.

For little & kids

We would recommend making a basic t-shirt pattern to get rid of any nervousness you might have about sewing with elastic or jersey fabrics. For both you and your little ones.

This season’s fashion item is the sweatshirt and we’ve made things easy for you with this unisex pattern. Why not try it using our sweat fabric.

sewing for beginners sweat rebels

Practice finishing off and neatening straps by making this girl’s pinafore dress.

sewing for beginners girls pinafore

This dungarees suit is our star pattern for both the summer and winter seasons. Change the fabric and you’ll see the difference.

sewing for beginners dungarees

The last item we want to show you in this section is this girl’s dress with frills, a basic whereby you can learn how to gather and set in sleeves.

sewing for beginners dress

For Women and accessories

This woman’s Japanese trouser pattern is also for beginners. Encourage yourself to sew this pattern in a wintery fabric. You could be proudly wearing culottes that you’ve made yourself this season.

If you are also a yarn lover, you can’t miss out on this knit and crochet kit. With this pattern it is going to be so easy to keep everything organised.

Knit and crochet kit Pattern

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