Seamless Top-Down Crochet Cardigan by Little Rita Knits with 50 Mohair Shades for Premium Designers

6 December, 2022

50 Mohair Shades Cardi is a seamless top-down crochet cardigan design by Little Rita Knits. A beautiful pattern that combines different stitches to create illustrations, motifs, and textures. “I really fancied creating a garment with a wide variety of stitches. A fun and entertaining design to play with textures and colors. Without a doubt, 50 Mohair Shades yarn by Concept by Katia is perfect for this.” Choose your favorite color combination and enjoy this comprehensive Premium Designers pattern. So get it now and make a cute seamless crochet cardigan in 4 sizes.

Seamless Top-Down Crochet Cardigan

Seamless Top-Down Crochet Cardigan

Laia Guerrero from Little Rita Knits –@littleritaknits on Instagram– is a textile designer. She has always been particularly interested in crocheted and knitted garments. “Using yarn to create a garment from scratch is a great opportunity to develop color, volume, and texture combinations.”

Seamless Top-Down Crochet Cardigan

Currently, she lives in a small village in Euskadi. “From there, I design and illustrate garments and patterns like this seamless top-down crochet cardigan. And I also share my day-to-day adventures with my family.” In this context, she creates the 50 Mohair Shades Cardi, a Premium Designers design made with 50 Mohair Shades yarn Concept by Katia.

crochet top-down cardigan

mohair jacket pattern

50 Mohair Shades color combinations

Little Rita Knits: In this design, color choice is important. 50 Mohair Shades by Concept by Katia comes in 50 incredible tones! I encourage you to create your own color combination. Enjoy customizing the design of your 50 Mohair Shades Cardi.

colours 50 mohair shades

Ripping out mohair is hard work, so if you want to choose your own color combination, follow these tips:

  • Make several combinations using 2 tones from the same color range to create different contrast options.
  • Feel free to change the color order indicated in the pattern.
  • Don’t hesitate to add colors that you think will look good as you work.
  • If you have any doubts, make little swatches with each of the colors chosen. Play with these swatches and combine them to decide the color order. Take photos of your color combinations to check them as you move forward.

colorwork stitches combination